Prayer and repentance for the land.

As I prayed today and the Holy Spirit guide me to repent for sins in the land, I asked the Lord, to send Holy Spirit and blood of Jesus and removed every, idol, every root of sin and witchcraft in the land, that the all consuming fire of God destroy all items in the land that hinder the plans of God for this land to become Holy and align with him. That his mighty angels price the hearts of all the people against of word of God, against the king of the land, that they repent and seek God.

He showed me a very, large group of women going back, and then His mighty angel with a sword removing demons and principalities, idols , etc, from the land. And casting them into a pit.

Bless is the Lord.

Remember live Holy lives for are God who is Holy require us to be Holy.

Keep your fervent prayers for this nation, his president and law makers, and to stop and bind the works of witches, wizards and evil spirits, to released the 7 folded spirit of God on this land, enlighten the eyes of our understanding , and releasing the out most fear and reverence for God. In this land.


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