Water wheels turning What is to come

I saw water wheels turning , I saw a water cascade moved by water machine with big rolls like a printing machine. Traveling through space, , I saw white horses been ridden , others in a barn stall I saw a hand pouring water down and a powder. Every thing looks dark , a few feet from the ground above our heads. And chariots and carriages.

Repent or Perish

Luke 12:54

Then he was saying to the crowds “when you see a cloud rising i the west right away you see that a storm is coming , so it comes, and when a south wind blows, you know it will be burning heat. Hypocrites you know how to examine the face of the earth, but you don’t know how to examine this time?

Luke 12:57

But you are not judging what is obvious right for yourselves ? For as you are going to judge with your adversary, on the way you most give pains to be free from him , les he would drag you away to the judge , and the judge give you over to the bailiff cast you into prison , I would say to you , you would not come out of there until you have given the last penny. ”

Luke 13:1

And some where present with him at that very time repenting to him about the Galileans whose blood Pilot mix with their sacrifices. Then He said do you not suppose that these Galilee were greater sinners that all the others of Galilee because they have been suffer this things? No I say to you but unless you would all repent , you will likewise be destroy.

Aug 10/2019

The Holy Spirit show me wheels turning , like those of machines . And I saw a black horse riding , and a white horses raising them , I saw a multitude of people the sexual immorality of the people , mam with man, women with women, grownups with babies and children, to acts so horrible it is so painful to remember. Forcing unwilling innocents to do the worst things.

I saw a group of witches , sorcerers chanting in a circle. ( this is my thought “And we live a life of selfish disregard for anyone else. Without repenting or looking for God.

The lord showed me what is to come:

Animals being use as lab rats putting a chip in them , i saw a horse, first the spirit showed me how his blood change inside of him, then he zoom on his face, I saw this horse crying . I can not stop thinking of the sadness and tear of this animal.

I saw demons possessing dogs and others animals , and saw chimeras, this animals were releas into the wild and water to infect other animals and change forever the creation of God. One characteristic of this animals after infected is that they wanted to mate constantly with anything or any other species.

The Lord showed me a chip, a little rectangular chip , is going to be force to put on the right hand or forehead of every human , the Lord showed me This chip is infected with a virus , when it enters the blood stream and this little worm like a little snake with fish face tasted the blood , it will multiply and glow every few seconds and go and change you genetic code forever. Inside of your body you will no longer be human, you will be a monster , even if it does not show in the outside of your body It will keep mutating , to some the transformation will make them unrecognizable things. globs of fat, sluggard other thing like a mushroom with trunks .

Before this I saw earthquakes , in the world, the ocean will rice , there will me wars in the heaven and the earth.

I saw chariots carrying kings and queens all had a snake beneath the chariot . One of them was Queen Elizabeth .

I saw some horses coming down the earth with plagues and death , I saw a great multitude and then less and less people.

Over and over again different places . I saw a multitude of people being wash and presented in front of the king , every

Sin and deed was exposed in his presence, there are no secrets for Him. And the books of the ones before Him was so big it form a spiraling ladder that went down from heaven.

I saw a big hand with a pan of coals and ashes being thrown into the earth , and there was thunder and lighting and earthquake.

I saw a snake poison the waters, people been hidden by angels in caves. I saw water and cascades , I saw a huge man with a hood , and an eye with a scale or contact lenses in a finger . I saw a the big man spoke and spells came out of his mouth .

People moving away I see people and a big Cliff rock , the edge of a cliff where people where standing broke down , they fell but were hidden.

People hidden behind water . I see the dragon. I see an eye and then the moon darkening 2/3 , I see sores, Scorpions, pieces of cliffs falling down , and I see mouths and eyes of many , water drying out I see a man an a woman talking, a sneak comes out of her mouth I saw an angel or Holy Spirit moving i the water of a cascade and flying , likewise many other angels Doing the same. The cliff became invisible it disappear.

I see 2 cliffs one east one west , the east one is a woman, the left one is a male , the woman’s releases a dart from her mouth into the eyes of the male , he gets blinded and the earth trembles . The water is gone , this angel keeps pushing water under ground . The angel went up to hear what this two were speaking and got in a horse and went up. , they became a ship.

2 men exerciseing and doing abs (rocking) , an angel sited at a cliff , a man taking a road between them , the man pass and threw the multitudes to the ocean waves and a box sinking and ships too.

I saw death ( a skeleton face) , waters drying out . Heaven open a huge hand reaching out. A huge man walking between 2 lands even with a big gap between them , he just took a step. , then the gap became to close while earth shook.

Faces of people going up in a tunnel , I have seen many tunnels where the Holy Spirit goes , I see the Holy Spirit flying in front of me , in the spirit a woman and man kissing , I see an angel going over the earth , I sea bear feet walking , the earth trembling , the 2 lands shaking water between them. I follow the Spirit inside a tunnel and we are in a cave when he hid someone then he left. I see an eye in the heavens and water cascading and above the dragon been wounded, falling to the ground, there are eyes like spiritual gates in a huge cliff, this man with hands up to wash his hands next to the cliff/rock , then walking between people with arms extended, 2 lands moving , the lands have faces and a snake between them. I see a man riding across the country , he abandons his bike and run, the earth was shaking, up and down and side to side , I see people weeping and been cover by this evil man in a hood (principality) . The heavens look open , left side man , right side woman , the 2 lands with faces again they kiss, then she starts to sink and he laugh she grabs something to pull the other land down with her. Now the Spirit takes me down a tunnel of rays of light or water, we kept changing directions now I see a woman standing and her shoes removed , another pair of man and woman , someone else put on her shoes , many more women with shoes , this land has a mouth in the bottom of this cliff surrounded by water , a man goes in its mouth . Now I see tall building falling , the dragon spiting balls of fire damaging the earth even more, now I see an open heaven with a tint of red and orange , people running for their lives, everything shakes up and down and side to side , again the land with faces, now I am hearing Spanish people saying ” we have to make everything just like God commands”

A spiritual bullet was released from right to left , the whole earth trembles , the land coming together to be one I hear a woman saying in Spanish “I don’t care if we have nothing to eat” a huge someone with a hood and a cup of wine in its hand , the right land sports out her tongue and the left side catches it and weights it. Tossing it up and down to see its weight . I see someone in a hood and I see a huge hand grabbing the grass of a house and lifting it up , then I see a huge hand signaling come closer . I am shown a king in bed sleeping with a man , then the spirit gives me an areal view of the place the left side is catapulting big rocks to the right land , there is water between them , I see a gigantic hand with a white ball on its hand and release it falls in the earth causes a crate and trembling of the land. Then the land on the left side sticks his tongue at the right side and the right side gives it a envelop , then I see poor women shoes and bear feet walking. I hear a voice in my head ” that one is going to steal make its plans ” and another one answer ” we might as well”

The land of the right has a viperous tongue ( a sneak coming out of its mouth) and I see a woman teaching You are not male or female you can choose , I saw a principality behind this teachings.

I see The Lord Jesus weeping

I hear ” you don’t be contaminated my son with tose ideas”

The two lands getting closer and spiritual reinforces came from the ocean , I saw 3 dark spirits . A man in white got sorted in a throne , has a cross in its lap but is Lucifer , is coming down, man and women have to cover their faces like Muslims do.

Someone in shackles and many books open. People are force to get a chip in their hands or forehead is the only way they have food and force them to worship the beast. When this beast spear waves of witchcraft are transmitted over the air . I see an open heaven . I see a room where people are force to worship and control everything they do , there are enforcers around the room . Every time there is less and less people around, until there are only a few . Some of the people hidden are reveal , I hear ” let’s see how is done” a woman demanding ” on time” .

People doing things manually, like washing clothes, working.

I see a warrior huge falling , then again fine.

I see people in warrior clothes in armor.

I see a young woman sited waiting I hear people speaking in an oriental language , 2 man arguing . People going to sleep , when they sleep a shadow covers them . I hear ” I am a very busy man” I hear ” Mr Bernal and I see my brother Leonel taking with his wife wearing kaki coats . I see suitcases , someone carrying a wheal chair with someone in. I saw hands with an anointing on them. I hear a young man said ” we don’t have any problem Sr. ” this in Spanish .

Now we are in a theater and some soles are taken , people appeared asleep I hear ” in the beginning I was very afraid I thought this might” I see less and less people . Now I see a man dotted on a room and around him desks and security x ray machines , then I see another room people are flying baskets with balloons , and I hear ” that is what we have to learn to do , is simple but works”

I see a mother giving birth , then holding her child and they take it away, she is wearing a hospital gown and I hear “but doctor ” the doctor says i” it could be an emergency ” and make her go to another room with machines .

I see a desk and 3 empty chairs and machines that record all conversations , someone brings a box with a blobber thing , looks like a lump of fat. And someone said ” this used to be a boy isn’t that disgusting” I see an older woman, she removes her scarf and says t” this is a test”

I see water flowing down, then up.

I see my home , someone else inside my garage door , a young man says ” I have to go test something , something went wrong”

Now I see 3 little girls dress in white very pretty with a veil on their heads, holding hands , they are in a room that is dark , they will be beheaded, they keep singing ” Jesus loves me yes I know ” the little one wants to go , but her oldest sister says “No remember what mama said” then they show a guillotine and the oldest said ” you go first ”

A black young woman a mother has to give her baby to be kill , then she is beheaded .

I see little birds black in every chair in a theater and people raising their hand and cheering , but there are principalities enforcers , The principalities are moving away , I can’t see but feels like someone is rocking and is an older lady holding a baby , they take the baby and put it in a machine full of babies with bands to keep them from moving , later they bring them out in carts , it looks like lumps of charcoal and ashes , those are the remains . I see woman and men put on a machine, all sexes all ages . I see a principality clapping when from a periscope see this people burn alive . With a smirk in his bony head. The Holy Spirit shoes me that man and woman come out as charcoal ashes they are put in a commune grave .

Also little kids between 6 to 10 their soles come out as little princesses .

The evil ones try to bribe the little kids with toys.

There is a machine that caries the ashes with blood to give to the beast. This is happening all through the American Continent from the top all the way down. Then things start to spin like going round and round , we are now in an office looking to a very beautiful blond woman , the Holy Spirit reveal to me how she really was. Had 2 birds in her face and was cover with maggots.

Now I can see a lake with lava a black and red figure playing with the molted lava as if it was water.

The people left, those who worship the beast, they are treated as slaves By principalities, every 5 people have a 1 to 3 principalities in charge . Some with chains to sit and eat.

I saw a little boy carring his sibiling jumping from a rooftop because of fire . That was my house, my family wasn’t there anymore.

I saw the angel of the Lord coming down fore something, then got in a horse and went up. I saw a multitude of warriors on horses ready for battle . On tv there I saw Israel .

I saw a black man with a kid then a voice said ” if you have doubt”

Are you going to go to work” I kept hearing bits of conversations.

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