My ears are open … continue…

Now that I have been hearing in the spirit , so thankful to God for it. Aug 13/19

The Holy Spirit showed me a couple sleeping and one angel comes wakes the woman and both exit through a tunnel he opens. As soon as is close death and a snake come looking for her, but she is gone. I see darkness , 2 hands in the darkness holding someone ” I hear let it go ” then a hand with a whirl wind was released and now I see an open heaven . I see a free house made of glass with metal , the dragon grabs some metal makes it into a ball and puts it inside the green house , it releases darkness , here comes a man , he has layers of clothing for protección then he appears with a horse and a dark principality inside of him.

Several chinase dragons or snake like in the oceans between the 2 lands , one ship sinks . Then I see a man goes to a place where his army is, he faints and they put him in a room with others, there is a crow in there. I see the heavens open and a group of saints pull the man into the heavens inside a rowing boat and close the heavens . There is a table with a bowl and a whirlwind open pulling or sucking every thing in . Now I see people below water , these are 3 men under water the water lower and they could grab hold of a platform next to a cliff/Rock and got in it. Then the dragon comes right next to the cliff looking for them and couldn’t find them , the cliff lift up onto an opening in the water , there Are a few men up and kept moving just below the surface .

There are the 2 lands again , they are trying to come together but there is a hooded man between the crossing , this rocks causes an opening door in the ocean. Now I can see the Lord sitting in His throne an an angel goes up and appears through the Lords lap and reports to him all . Now there is a map of land and the Lord spins something above the map . Then I saw a smoky mountain then water going around like a circle . Now there are people coming out of the rock , the sky looks bluish and has clouds.

Then this man in white robes gets in a boat and stars rowing , there is a river between the mountains we see a boat in the ocean floating next to a cliff . I saw the boat from beneath the waters, I saw a man and a woman kissing , then the east and west lands coming closer , the ocean disappear , on this cliff behind the waterfall there is a man in white sitting in that cave a big stork bird is there . Then I saw the water stop falling , then the water starts to flow again .

The lands are closer keep moving back and forth , I sea a row boat going through the ocean between the lands , the lands keep moving, now the boat goes supper fast , now water cascading comes from God’s eye now I see a rainbow going before a mountain top , then a mouth blowing , then a platform from above comes down and a man in robes comes on the mountain , now we are going forward and see the land from above , then I see the land come together , the earth keeps moving now the land is retracted but shaking up and down , there is a platform with an angel warrior , there is a mountain with tween peaks , keeps shaking . From above we see this kingdom with a dome on top , we see people driving and many going in . I see chariots with horses. We are going into the sky where the stars are , we se other angels , we see an angel playing the violin . I see a man that has a tunic His hands have light coming out , so are his eyes . I see a rider with a horse and a woman with long hair . All the land keeps aligning together simless , The Holy Spirit is coming down in waves , there is a chariot coming down from above with soldiers, banners or scrolls I see this water being sucked into the earth and closing. Then the earth it has come together simless . A man in a white tunic sitting in a throne comes down from the cliff , there is a land where there is various types of trees , the trees where inside the land like pulling them from the roots down , there was a woman coming down too in a throne , then is a girl in braids, then a young man driving a car, I see a book open and a cross in his lap , wave after wave of the Holy Spirit .

2 men, a king and a knight bowing down , then we went to see another kingdom .

We are in a place next to a cliff where man and woman bear foot or with shoes were picked up by the spirit. I see 2 big hands and then a chariot with dark brown horses . I see a black and a white horse running neck to neck then the white horse gets ahead . I also see a man in white with embroidery in its tunic with colors . the man in white tunic walking into a kingdom with guards behind him , guards on the walls blowing the shoffar. I see a man lying down being drag away , then horses of war with riders in 2 sides , I saw chariots with 2 or 3 levels. Are beein fill and leaving , soldiers after the war coming back in a 4 row man formation . I see the man on the white tunic on the right and the dragon on the left, a huge man was kill people clapping everything still looks dark and hazy I see the dragon and I see the Holy Spirit, many died. The sins of the people are reveal I see a table with a brush and a flask, then food , I see a barefoot man a bit on the heavy side now shearing some sort of shoes that cover his feet. This man in white with a cross and big hands forming a stair so he can go up, has the robes of a Catholic priest

I hear a man saying ” i know you want to take the test , so I will do it” now I see the Holy Spirit coming down in waves , I had to stop to care for my family, now I am back .

I see wheels of a machine, more like rolls of a mug machine ( like carbord or printing rolls ) ,there is writhing in the rolls .

I see a little kid and a principality hurting and molesting this little child.

I saw a girl with braids and dark hair, grew up to be obese, the Lord showed me she was a beautiful child that was molested, and like her many many babies, toddlers and children with principalities with them.

I saw a sneak peek through a hole from heaven and release poison against the world, ( me ) and fire, eventually left. I saw 3 killer whales in the ocean between the 2 continents . I saw a man coming out of the cater pointing at the 2 continents , the continent’s were moving trying to hold hands with each other , they look like a girl and a boy.

I saw several snakes trying to attack me , I realised the road of God and swallow them all.

I saw a meeting of the head of different churches.

I saw an angel of the Lord descend and had a book with him. He spoke But I couldnt hear.

I saw a woman clearly dress dancing for a king.

The king kept changing his apearance.

I saw a bill of money with the north Korea president in it or an oriental president.

I saw a person with a white python pet, I saw 2 man walking into a trailer house where a white fat woman kept sexual slaves.

I saw a family being reunited.

And a young man was sleeping and this pyton spirit try to squize the life out of him, but a huge hand move in and commanded the snake to leave , And deliver the man.

I saw a person with lots of light in him and another with a small light in him.

I saw a girl doing a good job and people notice , to correct a wrong.

I hear a conversation of my cousin with his brother.

I saw Angels release to the earth , the snake try to swallow them, but other angels came to their rescue .

The angels the snake bit where not as bright as the others.

They went to minister to someone on a cliff.

Then I saw a award coming out from the cliff and pierce all of the soldiers that were trying to get the man on the cliff. The soldiers retreat.

I saw a marriage and a mouth cursing marriage.

I saw a sneak passing through the feet of brethens, enticing them to have affairs,

I see a warrior putting on the full armor, the sneak touches his feet before he finish putting the armour, then got dress.

I saw some saints walking into a cliff rock , inside the rich there were 2 caves a bit like 2 nose nostrils.

I saw the continent’s come together and kiss.

I saw a woman cover with a veil her head and mouth saiying “I have many virtues, many,many”

I saw soldiers being stop by a high ranking who stop his horse on the road.

Someone looking for a ball. Then I hear ” We don’t have money, we have to stand ”

I saw an angry man , one angel went inside of him and calm him.

I saw 3 dark spirits, got in the nose of a person and remove something, and left to a room full of people, some barefoot.

I saw a cascading water, a man was bathing in it, then this mouth blow on him.

Then I hear” what did you do mother” ” I have no idea”

I saw wheels turning forward.

Blessings may the Lord give you understanding and wisdom to discern his word.

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