The Lord gave a verdict against this Nation

I have been feeling a tremendous sorrow on my soul and heart, I saw 2 ships with an American flag and fire works , all of a sudden everything turn gray , the flags loose its stripes and the ships sinked under water. The Holy Spirit started to groan and cry as I spoke in tongues , my tears flow down as I drove from cross street until I got home.

When I arrived, I fell on my knees and cry out so much for all the children and youth of this city and nation. That night the Holy spirit showed me a verdict is been given against this Nation, He sign the papers and close the book.I start experience a head ache (it lasted 14 days ) I went to bed and I saw Angels coming with chariots and horses in battle uniforms , then the Spirit (Holy Spirit) took me down toward hell I saw the dragon going down and and demons with chariots going up . War ,

I know we need righteous people praying on their knees for repentance and mercy.

The Spirit showed me people that needed intercession Prayer and deliverance. So I did. no matter what ! he kept moving forward, and just i front of my nose it turn left on a chariot.

Then I hear another prophet talking about if a woman wins the next election the spirit of Jezabel and destrucción will come to this Nation. We need to pray that we don’t loose our religious rights, for the children , for forgiveness of the sin the land.

I saw the eyes of our Lord tearing up, He was crying , like He cried for Jerusalem . Then I saw water pouring out of his eyes.

I sow a black and white horse running The black horse kept bitting the white horse, I pray but had no answer I saw the Lion of Judah lying down, the Holy Spirit said God is done with our iniquity and so is Jesus. Oh mighty God of Jacob, have mercy on us, I cried out.

after this I experience an spiritual attach in my brain, it was so painful, it took me out of comisión for 2 weeks. Then it got worse, I was experiencing evil in my body, and could not stop having nightmares when I fell asleep and horrible visions of snakes in my body and head, but God had mercy on me and deliver me 2 days later.

I saw babies being kill, to drink their blood, and many faces young and all and all of their sin, I hear the number 560 , then I read “who is consecrated to the Lord should not eat or drink wine or strong licor” . Then I saw a baby in his bed and this demons several trow his out the window, the Lord Jesus and an angel appeared , the angel catches the baby and went to put him in bed then left through the window going up, and hot his head supper hard He fell down unconscious. Then I saw the baby falling again and the Lord Jesus catch him in his arms.

Then the Holy spirit told me trough scripture to keep the 4,5,7,10 month fasting.

Then I saw the Lion of the tribe of Judah , I saw a sandal with a foot in it. Then a bear fast walking on the waters edge and got his foot wet.

I saw the plans of the enemy, to put a chip in animals , and possessing others, like dogs, which change there eyes look dark , you could see how the life went out of this animals , i saw one animal that had a chip , the blood in their bodies was changing , like boiling, the animals had a metamorphosis and became like monsters , slugs, some the change was internal others external too.

I saw a horse and his blood changing and he was crying.i was shown the perversity of humans, having sex, then with same sex, them with animals even demons. Saw many babies being murder . The sin of this nation had made the lord render a verdict of guilty. We didn’t cut the mark . Repent and look for God.

I saw men is uniform saying good bye to their families leaving on ships to the sea.It is so devastating sometimes I don’t want to see more evil . And cry out for protection for me, my family, Then the Lord removes the fear . And every evil spirit that tries to hurt me , The Lord took me to the courts of heaven to deal with my enemies. And the Holy Spirit washed me, I repented of all the sin and accusations against me, the lord’s blood cleans me cover the sin and broke every legal right the enemy had against me, gave testimony on my behalf , them the chains on me fell down. God’s angels make it happen. I saw the Lion of Judah swallowed a tiger whole. I released the word of God, which is a sword,I saw leviathan, and spoke the word of God until it was bound.

I can not do anything without God the father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I saw the eye of the Lord releasing fire and light. Then I received the peace of God. I remember some animals being in a ship there was a huge storm and this animals ended on an island.

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