I have discover…

I have discover I have a more profound relationship with the Holy Spirit . when I do not spend time in worship or prayer or in God’s presence ( The Holy Spirit is God, as much as The Father and the Lord Jesus) , my soul gets terribly sad and I start to get grumpy.

So I try to read the word or at least lisent to it. And worship and hear and sing or speak in tongues as much as possible.

Then those days are a bliss, The peace of the Lord is in me in such a strong way, that I could be in the middle of a disaster and wouldn’t worry.

Been in the presence of God, is a blessing, a privilege, that comes with a commitment, a covenant and a responsibility to be truth about what the Lord showed me. I am a seer of God, I am a prophet in training. There are different kinds of prophets according to the bible, seers and hearers, there are others that are writers, not sure if there are other kinds. Daniel interpreted dreams , Peter, Paul, John , had open visions.

Being a prophet is not something you plan. Is chosen by God before you are even born, you recibe the calling through dreams by the Holy Spirit and if you accept , is not only an honor, it is a huge responsibility, if you disobey the Lord your life, not just this one but the next , are in jeopardy.

I suggest if you ever recived a word of God by a prophet, recibe it and pray that the Lord or Holy Spirit let you know if it comes from the Lord.

If you reject the word of God, is not that you are rejecting the messenger or person . You are rejecting God all mighty and the Holy Spirit.

Remember the prophet and the apostols are in a higher position that priest, teachers, pastors, etc.

But also God used a donkey to deliver a message. He could choose anyone, no matter his or hers looks, color, beauty. God is the one who chooses our destiny in his kingdom. But everyone is loved by God.

If you have never recived The baptism of the Holy Spirit, ask the Lord to give it to you, praise Him and as you worship, with all your heart He will come upon you, your tongue would start to twist and you will utter strange words, that you don’t know the meaning. You may be crying or laughing, or feel you are on fire ( The Holy Spirit is the breath of heaven , wind, all consuming fire, and living water, and is so powerful, He raise Jesus from the death, and even more ) . speak in tongues starting with a few minutes a day to hours, and He will transform you from the inside out. Also read your bible, The word is Spirit and Life, our water and bread. , and just as you surrender your life to Jesus, surrender your life to the Holy Spirit. God still the same Yesterday , today and forever, Do not believe when people tell you that gift is not for today. that is not just a gift, that is God himself living in you, you are the vessel or temple for his presence, Be Holy as God is Holy.

And please do not offend or quench the Holy Spirit.

That is the only sin will not be forgiven.

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