Groning and crying

I have been spending time with the Lord and I saw the Lord Jesus coming down rendering the heavens and realising thousands of angels, it was so beautiful, full of splendor. The angels kept going down in my bedroom and depart to different places, then the Holy Spirit showed me Africa, a multitude of aftican animals coming down, many elephants , the I saw the sin if the land for generations of idolatry, witchcraft, sexual sin, violence. Killing of inocents, I prayed and interceed, ask the Lord to clean the land.

Today after spending time with the Lord I went to watch tv and suddenly I started to cry and utter Gronings and speaking in tongues, it was a deep cry in my soul, as I kneel on the floor and surrender to the Holy Spirit, I felt a deep sadness and closed my eyes and saw the eyes of the Lord crying , I was thinking how can I confort you. My heart broke down to know something was grieving him, so much, after this cry stoped, I started to worship God in tongues, and then I saw a black horse attacking a white horse, So I release the word of God, and kept saying The lion of the tribe of Judah is victorious, .

I decreed that the horses and riders of the enemy were bound and fell into a deep slumber.

Then I saw the white horses running and later many elephants. I know this cry came for Africa, so I started to pray for that nation.

Wow , this is,the 3rd or 4th time I experience the Holy Spirit crying out. Is powerful and heart breaking, humbling. What an honor is to have a partnership and complete surrender to the all Mighty God.

Pray that the will of God, Salvation for that nation come to pass according to the will of God.

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