Calling Intersesors, apostols,seers,prophets to pray and

Yesterday when I was praising God, I started to soak in tongues and it was a cry of sorrow, I started to weep, but it was not me, but God’s Spirit. Today I try to worship but I couldn’t stay awake, so between visions and dream the Lord showed me, I was outside in my garden looking at some very large flowers and there was a baby faun o deer , just born and no mama, so I ask my husband to go get a bottle to feed him, I was holding him in my arms, then I saw an open heaven and the Lord and his apostols calling to go up, there Were flags of all nations and war ships, there was a book open then I most have fallen asleep, because I was walking in this huge river carting the deer, turn out to be a child, we were surrounded by war ships from all nations then every thing came to a stop , there was an oriental looking man , military checking who could go in or pass through, an elderly woman sneak me I, that country and we were on our way when this military man stop us, I didn’t understand his language, not even to pretend we were related, the woman was oriental, I look Hispanic, and the child had a darker compleccion and couldn’t tell but I thought his features were from a different nationality than mine.

I walk,up. Then I had a vision of many books 5 perhaps being brought out.

I say the eyes of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) full of tears.

Please pray for forgiveness of sin in the nation’s, land, people, for peace in the world and for all the president’s of the nation’s to listen to the voice of God and do His will.

I felt like world word III is around the corner.

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