Little messages here and there

The Holy Spirit is been showing me little bits and pieces.

I saw a king with a ring in his left hand,,He had a book that was open, I repented for my sins, then the verdict was given the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus burn many books until there was no register of them, when the Lord ( Father gave his veredict ). Then this angel gave me a white cloth and a little jug of oil.

Then they removed the king that had the ring that was acuseing me.

Then the Holy Spirit removed bars of iron that were above me, and a blinding spell from my eyes was removed

Later the Lord showed me abig modern city going to blow , so much destruccion in the city. ,

Then I saw a building full of snakes and an evil spirit in it, then I saw how it crumble.

I have been seein eucalyptus branches.

I have been seeing bugs, little bugs as informants of evil and evil spirits going inside children, been praying for deliverance and protecvion,for the little ones.

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