I saw the Lord

I saw the Lord in a cascading river washing 2 young man .

Also the Holy spirit has been pulling weeds ( sin like anger, leads to unforgiveness, unrepentance, anger, resenent, etc) ,

June 27 I saw the Holy Spirit at night and the Holy Spirit in the morning.

I saw the Lord and his disciples been gather in the morning.

The Holy spirit is been showing me marine spirits, so I have been doing research on it, and went to the courts to repent and ask for forgiveness and deliverance. This symbolises sexual sin , in the blood line. I got deliver . the father send the demons on a boat away.

Then I dream of a suck little kitten following me.

Cats speaks of some sort of curse or witchcraft.

I saw shackles falling from feet many of them, and books being dissolved., I saw the blood of the Lord Jesus covering me .

I saw a big strong lion on the grass playing with a sheep. Then a pair of hands and ship jumping and moving forward in a line.

I saw a gray ship in the Lord’s hand and the Blood of Jesus was washing it and making it white.

I saw the enemy sending bugs. Spiders, with scorpions tails trying to get in someone’s mouth and trying to burst the spider belly so poison would come out. But as I pray the animal run out of that mouth.

I saw a principality opening a jail or cage cell to let a woman come out.

I was shown a Lion and a tiger, the Lion open his mound and pretty much had swallowed the tiger head in his mouth, then let go of it, and the tiger, and a chute, leopard and bob cat bow down to the Lion.,

I saw demons departing in a boat.

I saw in a dream the water in the faucet being muddy.

And a bird picking and seen weeds being planted and growing .

I saw a few nice flowers blooming,.

I saw a skeleton and then engrained moving forward.

I saw a woman being torture by this needle roller that was being roll,over her body.

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