Going to the courts

Going to the courts of heaven to deal with some cleaning of my blood line,

Everyone had had an ancestor who had sin an open a door for the enemy to stack their descendants, so I have been going to the courts of heaven to deal with sin from my ancestors.

Is been a humbling experience, and at the same time, amazing to know our heavenly father and the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there to fight with us and cleans us. Forgive is when we repent and remove every chain and dissolve every legal right the enemy has against us

If you don’t have the knowledge or understanding search for the courts of heaven nooks, there are many good books about it , and contact global reformers hubs for help,in this matter.

The reazon for this si to remove every legal right the enemy has against you and your bloodline ( seed ). To give your offerings a better chance to walk in the destiny the Lord call them to walk, and become who they are many to be according to God almighty’s purpose.

I am still dealing with stuff , but the Holy Spirit is been, burning weeds, and of removing them and casting demons out sending them far away from my blood line.

For a few nights I was dealing with demonic visitations and attacks, but now I am sleeping more soundly and peacefully, surrounded by God’s angels and the Holy Spirit’s presence.

The Holy Spirit is been showing me every kind of sin I have to repent off, and delivering me by showing chains or cords been removed. I had mo idea there were so many issues, But God’s love and mercy are so great, He can not be igual or imitated, He is the only true living God.

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