And then I saw a ( sin in the land)

Woman being tortured with a roller with thorns over her body, then I saw an Egypt sphinx on a mountain top and people worshiping the sphinx., I saw gras growing and then wheat around, then the ground became the center of a su flower, then I saw a road a very long road, it ended on a cascading river , a woman washing in a river, then I saw a woman having an idol with a python around her, this idol became very large or part of a bigger idol. Then The spirit took me through tunnels, then I saw a dark eagle then something that look like breast being exposed, multitud of sexual sin , vampire spirits, performing oral sex, then a woman getting married, holding hands with her fiancé, but her eyes were blinded by a scarf, then she became a slave and was chain to a bench, man coming in and forcing him to be a sex slave. I saw a woman from her legs down giving birth to a snake and a dragon with many heads , this dragon started to spit fire down to a place full of gardens and land blooming, destroying every thing, the ground shaking. , the sound of gears, rocks falling down from above ! Where the eye of the lord is watching, the rocks appeared to be falling from it.

More images of a naked woman, then I saw a man carrying a child over his shoulders, then lots of wheat and grass being gather Feet with sandals walking and then the feet were bare, no more shoes on them. I saw an arm that had angels on its sleeve, turned into angels on towers, then a castle or kingdom. Then a hand open receiving 2 roses, then I saw a garden or land with a flower farm, and a bike with flowers on it ( transporting flowers ) going through the land , then an open bible. Then I saw dolls sited on a rotation in display and a carrusel Beds with blankets , then full of children being lay dan all cozy. , I saw a long list with names ,

I saw people running coming out of a building heaven and earth merging ( the atmosphere) , trees being watered.

I remember 2 woman riding on a motorcycle on the city in traffic, then I saw a demon and people moving toward him , I could see his mouth speaking or moving, then I heard ” we have his voice recorded”, then I saw many mouths with teeth, pretty , ugly, straight, crooked teeth.

I saw a multitud of man wearing robs ( like in the catholic church ) . Then computer apps ( this was very strange like in our phones ) and an skeleton, house plans, animals , I saw a bear, wolf, hauling, and a clock pointing at 2:00 o’clock , I saw a man with a cloth on his head then I heard ” beast is his name”.

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