June 10 /2019 I saw i the spirit

I saw i the spirit , many children , loosing their father or parents, being orphaned, then someone came and took all their house belongings including their beda, clothes, toys, bottles , and then even the kids were gone.

I saw a multitude of people where their faces were transform into wearing a mask, it wasn’t a mask , it was their sin coming out and changing them in the physical body , they were thrown into a deep black pit, they kept falling.

I saw a city and knights on horses ( black horses) and behind them in the spirit a hydra demon .

I saw a knight on the wall sounding a trumpet, and a large snake , 2 angels put a filing in its mouth and sanded their teeth , then they took a sample of the poison in the teeth.

Then I saw a couple of angels putting a vail in the water, the water turn black and there were 3 women i the water, they came out, and the sky got black and there mas an elder man in white with a lamp guiding them inside their homes safely.

People stay inside, , outside I saw groups of people coming together for safety, and warmth , there was a huge earthquake, were the mountains flatten and the buildings fell down. Darkness and emptiness everywhere , very hard for me to see , it was so pitch black.

Then I fell asleep , I am fighting a cold, when I woke up there was light i the spirit and saw a mighty lion.

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