May 25 /2019

I spend a large amount of time looking at quilts and presents for a baby that were unique, then at night I thought to look for drawings and as soon as I closed my eyes the Holy Spirit showed me this mighty lion laying down with this lamb, he started to lick it, like a lion bathing his cub, then they got up and play and ther was so,much love , it was tangible, at the same time unbelievable for someone that does not know is written in the bible, that The Wolf will,live with the lamb , the leopard will,lay down with the goat. The calf and the young lion and a child will,lead them all. Also the lamb is a representation of The believer and Jesus,is the Shepard and also Jesus is the lamb that was slayed , and will come back as the Lion of Judah.

So I did some drawings and send the drawings,g to,create fabric that I received yesterday June 5th.

Then the Lord Jesus appears and took the la.b by an ear to a rock and the la.b kept climbing down the cliff, the Lord kept coming after it and kept it safe.

The Lord was at the edge of the ocean and the lamb follow him, they got into the sea and when they were immerse half way the lamb now was a man , there was a boat that was rowing. With men in it they all push and some row the boat toward the deep sea.

Then the presence of the Lord was so strong over me, He gave me Ideas 40:1 to 44:28 yet now hear Jacob my servant and Isrrael whom I have chosen, says the Lord who,made you and form you from the womb, who will,help you. Do not be in awe , you Jacob my servant and you jeshurun whom I have chosen, as I pour water moo, him who thirst and floods upon the dry land …… Who says of Cyrus, He is my Shepard. And will perform all my pleasure , even saying to Jerusalem. You will be built , and to the temple , your foundation will be laid.

Then another day He gave me Isaiah 42:5-13 ,thus says God , the Lord , He who created the heavens and stretch them out…my glory I,will not to another not my phrase 5o graven images , behold the things come to pass and new things do I declare, before they spring forth I tell you of them….sing onto the Lord a new song…. He will,cry, yes, roar .,He will prevail against his enemies. I have held my peace a long time, I still,restraining myself , now I,shall cry like a traveiling . I shall gasp,and plant at once.

May 31st I saw in the spirit dark principalities pouring a bucket of liquid on a man . ,

I saw a king fill with legions of demons signing a paper to have christians be kill , I saw a dragon with many heads like a hydra., I,saw Christians with white robes laying on the floor to be kill.

I saw someone,e trying to,go,to,heaven and was taken out and put into a roo. Where many were to be brought dow, to the pit of hell.

I had a dream where there was so much chaos, and this flying gadget landed on my backyard, I wasn’t ready, I got dress, it was go,a, then another came an a I left, there were 3 German men driving this. I left everything, everyone I love dearly, I knew was the end. I walk up with sorrow in my heart.

Well last night I closed my eyes and the Holy Spirit showed me, from the eye of the Lord there was this platform there this mighty lion c@me out and started to roar and run gonna on top of a carriage with mighty angel warriors, many horses , they went very fast and got to a city where they had remove the cross of Christ and they had risen this abomination idol fill with demons in its place, then I saw the Lion of the tribe of Judah chaseing a man ( it was a demon or had his face change like a demon) , the Lion caught him, was on top of him and this tiger came behind the Lion and atack the Lion, but a mighty angel cut the tigers head and as the head roll down , This snake slither out the 🐅 tiger’s body and left. The lion of Judah won .

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