Ezequiel 33:10 warning

Therefore you son of man , say to the people of the house of Israel ( in this case us ) If our transgration our sins are upon us and we pine away in them , how the should we live? Say to them, as I AM living , says Adonai, the LORD, I have no pleasure in the dead of the wicked, but that the wicked would turn from his way and live. Turn, turn your evil ways, for why would you died , o house of Israel.

Therefore son of man tell the children of the people , the acts of loving kindness of the righteous will not deliver him in the day of his transgression:

As for the wickedness of the wicked will not fall by it on the day that he turns from his wickedness , Neither, will the righteous will be able to live in the day that he sins .

When I say to the righteous you will surely live, if he trust in his own righteousness and commits injustice , all of his righteousness will not be remember , but will died for his injustice. ( the sin he has committed).

Again when I said to the wicked you will surely died and he turns from his way and does which is lawful and right , if he restores the pledge, gives back what he has robbed , walks in the status of life without committing wickedness , he will surely live. He will not die , none of his sins will be mention to him , he has done which is lawful and right, he will surely live.

If you wonder why the wicked that turns from evil and does which is right will be forgiven and live.

But the righteous when he sin will die because of his sin.

The righteous knows the difference between right and wrong according to the Torah ( teaching and law of God) God’s word, they are uphold to a higher standard, we owe to live doing good, living kindness and truth, sin equals death.

The wicked when they repent, restore and do the right and lawful thing will revive mercy and life. Then when they are righteous they should not sin again for that will cause their death . ( because now they are uphold to a higher standard )

If you do not know the teachings, law or commandments of God read the first 5 books of the Bible or of the Torah ( are the same books) . If you don’t understand ask a pastor to guide you , direct you to a class or the best way ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, come and live in you and as you read the word of God ( always out loud ) over and over you will get revelation from the spirit.

Repent, seek God, confess Jesus as your Lord and savior , ask the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live in you, ( asking sincerely ) and keep reading his word . Do what is right in the eyes of God and you will find God, His peace and presence with you always and He will transform you for the inside out .

Listen to this warning , analyze your life and choose life.

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