I saw the Lord Jesus standing over me. He was on the heavens, sited in his throne and the heavens were open, He stood up and stood over me .

As I worship the Lord kiss his bride, this is when heaven and earth come together because of praise and intimacy with the Lord.

I saw a dark principality standing a few yards from me, When he saw me he walk right in front of me holding a knife in his hands and threatening me with it. I war in the spirit with him, he would not move, so I said the Lord on high contends with my enemies, if you have a problem with me, I see you in The courts of heaven. And I walk away. Talk to God father about it.

Later as I was praying I saw a hand giving me a ring , with 3 stones and Another hand giving me a pearl. Later this hand gave me a round thing like a bread bun but had a crucifix on top of it. The crucifix look then like a necklace, then I saw the Lord Jesus walking dress with a kingly cost and a crown on his head.

Then the crucifix on the bread the cross standing up and the Lord crucified, then He risen in all brilliance and glory. The bread came to me and I ate the bread and put the necklace on then the crucifix necklace turn into smoke and went into my mouth.

I saw a king riding in a carriage with black horses.

Then I saw an angel of the Lord ( dress all in white with his hood up or prayer shawl) inside a tent or canopy with a sword in his hands .

I saw a flask of water or vase pouring water over my hand.

Then I saw people wearing white tunics and had their heads cover helping people in the streets.

I saw the open heaven and the Lord standing and got to see his beautiful face.

I spend time worshiping and in his presence.

I saw the Lord writing in books.

I hear the word Congress woman. Don’t know what that means.

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