From April 24 to June 5 /2019

I saw a kitchen ( in a vision) and near the sink there was a gate , I went in in the spirit, every think was so dark, couldn’t see, I look for the eye of the Lord and saw a glimpse , I started to praise God and sing , and the Holy Spirit came in waves of color to get me , I follow him to the eye of the Lord then we enter and went left and there I saw the siluette of the Lord Yeshua dotted on his throne,

I started to sing and worship him , then He got up , and there was I standing in front of him, I hug him for a few seconds , the top of my head was about his chest. Then I saw a big angel, the Lord signal me to follow the Angel and went , we went into heaven, there were streets and people with white clothes of linen but they had embroider colorful tread near the hem or slices and neck. Also everything was so brightly and colorful , there was a wall with pain in it , it look almost neon bright, every were was beautiful, the children and people look happy and peaceful . I was also hearing music, I can’t remember lyrics or rhythm . Then I was brought out from heaven to this total darkness then I was back on my bed. The Holy Spirit showed me a wasp nest behind my headboard. ( need to clean myself and watch what I speak) . Bless is God , even when He shows me my mistakes and faults, so I through him and his love overcome them. , he is showing love and mercy. We have an amazing God, He called us to live holy lives, for He is Holy.

Then I had a dream where I was a servant ( my own pride was uncomfortable, but then I realized that if Jesus came to serve I can do that to with gratitude and love ) I also was shown the view below from a window, it look like watching from a cave high in a mountain. And Got the revelation, I need to see things from a heavenly perspective. The view is greater . Then I was walking in this road and trying to fly to go above. Then I waked up.

I started to pray in the spirit, and the Holy took over and I was interceding and groaning , uttering sounds I never hear before , and I started to cry , then the Lord Yeshua showed me a bible, and I went to it and it was that I would ask the Lord if I was in the right place and He would stay or showed me to go left or right on the pages . It was 2 Kings 19-22 , 4:14-17

This is were the lord speaks of the idols of the ancestors, and says There is not a God in Isrrael ? That you go inquire Baal Zebulon the God of Eckron . then after Elisha get the doble portion anointing of Elijah and his mantle, And Elisha went to a place that was pleasant but the water was biter , poison , and He cot a new clay vessel and salt and went to water wellsprings where the water was coming out , and he pour the salt on the water and prophesied ” the Lord is healing this water from now on there won’t be any more death or barren”. So the Waters were heal to this day according to the word of Elisha which he spoke.

Then He showed Me another scripture were

Says “his chosen ones will be dress in white linen clothes, He is our God and The Honor and the Glory are His” why to inquire from another Gods , is not a Living God in Isrrael .

Took me where Elisha professed to the older woman “by this time next year you will be holding in your arms a baby , your own son.

Then He showed me a chariot with white horses in the heavens in the kingdom and there was a black chariot with horses that were put to sleep . And the Chariot to the earth and The Lord Yeshua came down into the earth in the room of a woman and rebuke the spirit of dead in her. And this skeleton spirit came out (death) from her body, didn’t wanted to leave. But the Lord commanded him, and it left.

( all of this is a prophecy for a woman in Mexico ) the Holy Spirit remind me she likes skeletons (catrinas) .

Later the Lord showed me her son, white beautiful baby of lighter hair color . Ready to be send down.

and the Lord gave me this for her” Do not be afraid for you have found favor with God , you will conceive in your womb and will bear a son, you will conceive from being call baren .,because with God nothing is impossible.

Bless are you among women , and bless is the fruit of your womb , and bless is she who believed that there would be fullfilment for has has been spoken to her by the Lord. And let your very being magnify the Lord , let your spirit rejoice on account of God your savior, because he look upon you humble station , for behold from now on all your generations will be bless. Because the Almighty has made great things for you , and his name is Holy , and his mercy is from generation to generation for those who revere him.

Then he showed me the Lord Jesus carrying a baby Beautiful with a white outfit and a bonnet, when the bonet was off, had little hair , fair and white, very beautiful , like all babies are.

For me he sad Colosians 4:2 I most habitually give attention to prayer , being watchful in prayer with thanksgiving , and praying also together concerning us , that God would open a door for me to speak the mystery of the message of the messiah Because of which I have ended being bound ,so that I reveal the mystery as it is necessary for me to speak . I must continually walk with wisdom toward those outside , making the most of the time. My message most always be in grace , seasoned with salt, to know how to,answer each other.

Efessians 1:3 Bless is the father of the Lord Jesus Christ ( Yeshua Messiah) , the one who bless me with all spiritual blessings in high places ( I! The heavenlies) by messiah , because He choose me in Him , before the foundation of the world , for us to be holy and blameless in his presence in love.

The Holy Spirit took me to the heavens at the of the eye of the Lord . And behold an Angel with a baby in his arms , beautiful fair baby with white garment and a bonnet hat , he was pas from angel to angel until the Lord had him in his arms, hold and sooth him , this baby had light li him, was put in a bassinet ? I believe this is the promise child of the mexican woman , she will give birth to him in joy.

Then I saw the Lord Jesus wearing a crown on his head sited on his throne.

Another dY the Holy Spirit showed me a ruler or king (wicked) with a woman by his side , in a dark demonic atmosphere.

I saw in catch the fire Toronto conference, the Lord passing and touching the heads of the people , also the holy spirit heal a man that had a spirit in his loins.

I saw a vision of a stone wall, there was an area where there was crumbling like a hole because there was no mortar between the stones.

Then I had a dream where there was a german shepherd outside my house door.

The Lord is been giving me Ezekiel 10 where it said “no one cries out for the iniquity of the city, no one crying out for the depravity of the city.

May 09 2019

I saw in a vision a man in black like a night on a black feisty horse , later I realized it was a dark angel , I saw many animals and demons moving through out the night, and another man ( this time they appeared like A stick figure ) with many moving cords in his torso, all black .

Then the Lord gave me :” Do not be dismay , do not be in awe because of this great multitude , for the battle is not yours , but God’s, you will not fight this battle, set yourselves , stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord,with you.

Then He gave me : And Josephat vow with his face the ground and all Jerusalem and all his inhabitants fell before the Lord and worship Him , and the Levites and Kohahites, and korahites stood up to praise the Lord God of Israel with an exceedingly voice.

Belive in the Lord and you will be confirmed, declare faithful , believe his prophets and you will succeed .

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