Trip to Waco

I went to Waco Texas, and the air was filled with darkness, as I enter I felt almost likeI hit a brick wall, I stay in a motel for the hotels were full, I pray in the room and claim that place for the Lord and sleep at peace, went to see James Goll, amazing night, as we started to praise ,the heavens open and the Holy Spirit kept cleaning the heavens from that dark demonic presence I had felt , I saw the dark hat left because I felt peace. Then this heavenly gate open and I saw the eye of the Lord looking down and As James Goll was Speaking the lord walk behind him and remove this black shadow in James that was making him sick. James was full with the spirit of the Lord and as he spoke was as the Lord was speaking. I saw the Lord walk into him as he spoke.

I saw later the Lord heal another man and as he enter in this man this black smoke came out of his longs, then woman there was something wrong with he leg. , the Lord stood up above me and was bear foot, he kept showing me bear feet, instructed me to get bear feet for he took us up to the heavenly courts. , there I saw a huge line of people outside the heavenly courts waiting to get in.

The next morning The enemy made me sick and had to miss part of the teachings by this anointed prophet , the Lord show me how James was fill with a flame inside of him ( the Holy Spirit ) and the Lord step into the light that was emanating from him because ,there was an spirit that was making him sick again, and made the darkness spirit shrink and made it small and put a canopy containing it and remove it because all I could see was the light of the Lord filling James Goll to overflowing.

Then I saw a principality on the right side and then as we praise it had to leave , Then The next day I saw angels holding people as they stood in front of them, I believe they were healing them.

I saw towers of castle but not in a castle it was on a thick stone wall next to a big mountain. When James Goll was speaking.

I spoke to James Goll and he prayed and gave me a word of God for my children imparting them with a doble anointing of what the Lord has given me.

I kept seen the eye of the Lord ( as a gate ) and He looking in at the level of the stage , not above, I saw rivers of water being pour out , they were speaking about God opening blessings over Waco , and later after we were worshiping God my eye sight improved ,

then we had a fire tunnel and ask God to open the float gates of water over the USA and the nations. I ask one prophet ( Arleen Westeros) and gave me a word from God for my children and me. And confirm I am a seer of God . Later Another lady from South Africa , a prophet seer (Beverly Watkins) pray an impartation over me, to recibe the fullness that the Lord has given her ;and at the airport I met an Apostol (Mary Medford) and she pray for me and gave me an impartation of all that the lord had given her. She also pray for healing.

Monday I had a doctor appointment, and the send me for an ultrasound for my liver , the next Thursday as they perform another test the doctor said Your liver is healthy you do not have NASH ( fatty liver) . Wow praise God I had that diagnose 4 years before., also the Eye doctor confirmed my astigmatism went down.

God is good.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Waco

  1. Praise God Bea! He is good!!! I am so happy for all that you are experiencing in the Lord and all that He is showing you. I think you’ll really like the DHT training from Curry Blake. The only thing you lack is the training manual. I am still using mine but you can order it from John G Lake ministries and it is a really great study guide. I think it’s fairly cheap too.
    Nice seeing you today. Take care and God bless you!

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