Many different days

March 16 /20

As My cousin and I prayed , I saw the Lord Jesus sitting in his throne on top of a cliff, then He got up and sited at the edge of the cliff, then He came down and I saw His feet i front of me as we worship then He turn around and walk away for us to followed him. His presence was so very strong and the Holy Spirit waves were so beautiful. I saw cascades of water falling down .

March 21st/2019 Purim14 Adar II 5779

I saw a man working the land and a hole in the ground like a well, it was very deep, the Holy Spirit took me in until we saw some tunnels going sideways , eventually we were in heavenly realms and kept going until we say the eye of the Lord and cascades of living water were flowing through it. We went right to the next eye ( One of the seven spirits of God) and we pass next to the witness cloud and I saw the face of the Lord Jesus crucified, and his face turn i to the faces of his saints or people. I bask i the presence of the Lord . Then the Holy Spirit took me to see very sad things happening in the world , to a place where there was one slave woman cleaning this very sad, place, then 7 women in that room on the floor, they look so scare siting on a floor of dirt, walls of stone, there was no food, water or blankets, they look so frighten. So I prayed for them , that the captives were set free.

I saw a carriage of black horses ( is normally the enemy , the Lord’s horses are white) I pray that they fall into a deep slumber.

Then I saw a race of black horses vs white horses with carriages. And I decree the Lord is Victorious.

I saw my feet with water pass my ankles , but I need to learn to surrender completely to God and be immerse completely in the water of the Spirit of God.

I saw the Lord Jesus and his apostles above me in an open heaven . Then I got interrupted and had to leave my prayer time to do my chores.

I saw two lands trying to get closer What dived them was the second heaven , and as I worship and pray the gap closed , and the face of a man kissing his bride, He breath into her the Spirit of life .

I saw a kingdom with idols in the walls i saw a man in black with a chariot, He had a box and inside it there was a secret door, in it there were witches, warlocks and demons dancing and chanting to close the eyes of the Lord so he could not see what they were trying to do. I pray that by the fire of the lord the enchantments were broken. That the Lord release arrows of fire agains his enemies camp and confound and confuse them. A d kept praying until the Holy Spirit took me somewhere else.

I saw a turquoise blue spool of thread, then I could not see color anymore.

I have been seen lots of darkness at night in the night hours. I saw a dragon and demons, I was praying through the night even as I slept.

Then the Lord wake me up and pull me up to heaven . And the Holy Spirit took me to were He was standing behind the Lord Jesus, he was rocking a child in his arms, this little girl had had or would have a very dark broken road and I pray for her paths to be straighted and smoothed ,

Then I was taken to the courts of heaven , and the books were open , and I agree with the charges and repented for me and for whoever the charges were for, I ask for forgiveness that the blood of Yeshua cleanse us and broke and undo all pact, sin, chain and we were cleansed and that the Blood of Yeahua removed every legal right of the enemy. And be deliver. And it was saw. The Lord is good.

I was sitting and saw a man’s shoe , dressing shoes , then his feet were bear , and the Lord took him from under his feet and put him into his hand , this young man was wearing a white tunic , very short hair, and wings were embracing him .

Then I was shown a woman with a bun on her hair , she was on all four throwing up, there was a man next to her , I pray for the will of God in their lives .

Then I was shown a mountain were the Lord was , this was heaven and was in the clouds. Then I saw a city on earth with people in it and streets and lights in the corners for traffic.

As I was praying I was shown people in a cliff sitting and the Holy Spirit was there .

then the Holy spirit showed me the eye of the Lord looking at me and then going to and fro, them I went down and I saw a woman with a bun in her hair , middle age prophesying in a congregation.

I saw people i a plaza in a city in Europe. , then I saw people passing bricks from earth to heaven and in heaven they were building a wall , then I saw a dragon trying to tear it down, and I pray for Angels and they came and chase him out.

As I was prostrated on the floor the feet of the lord got beneath me, all of a sudden I was laying down on his feet , was such a beautiful experience.

I saw a stocky woman on the cliff, the Lord put her were there were other people interceding, she had a scarf on her hair.

March 26 to 27 through the night

There were angels flying above my bedroom, then He showed me a cuss made of flowers, then it was the wooden cross, and He show me people coming to the cross in repentance, crying out.

Then He showed me His hand scooping water to baptize people in a river or lake.

Then He showed meHis hand knocking at a door.

The revelation I got from this is The Lord is urging us to repent and seek him at the cross, be baptized on water for the forgiveness of sins and Open the door when He comes and knocks.

There is no better time to come and ask him to be our Lord and savior, Ask for the forgiveness of your sins, get baptized or immerse yourself in water by faith, and ask the Holy Spirit and The Lord Jesus to come live in you and be your Lord and guide. And then start reading his word, He will reveal himself to you, as you seek him, that way you will hear when He comes and knocks at the door.


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