March 14, 2019

I saw an open heaven and a city in it and a dragon on the sky in that city, flames coming out of its mouth.

Then I saw his head and the Holy Spirit removed some souls from his mouth , then took them to a wall that had other souls in it

Then they went to a huge cliff/rock.

I saw angel warriors on white horses coming down from above to that city. I saw the dragon again flying and then angels and the word of God ( Bible/Torah) being open and the words started to shine light and falling into the world , like if the word of God is coming to pass in other words , His word is been fulfilled . The word was Spirit and truth and became alive or accomplished .

I saw much darkness in the land , but then from Heaven his kingdom coming down and as it came down on a mountain the buildings that were there were crumble, and a new kingdom was build in seconds, I saw a throne and there were colors , so brilliant , blues, reds, whites, like pearlescent or neon in intensity but were not, it was like a new hue of colors I never seen.

I saw people coming and bending the knee in homage, then the Holy Spirit started to rebuild the land also in magnificent bright colors. Houses and vinyards, then I saw the dragon again and this angel bind him and his mouth and brought him down. Then the Holy Spirit showed me a huge dark pit .

I saw cascades of water coming down from up high , then I saw a woman in a beautiful bride dress been change for a white rob or tunic it had some embroidery on the neck , lower on the tunic and near the hands. In red, blue and some sort of apron and head dress. Then a group of men being change in white tunics and prayer shawl . Many women helping get the tunics ready for the people . Every thing look very nice and organized.

In another area there were this naked, obese women and in another area this people with demons in them and as the demons came out is like they had a mask on their faces . I also saw a woman getting into water for purification to be in the presence of the king.

I saw a group of material things going into a swirly pit.

I saw gears moving forward .

I saw a huge library of books and scrolls and desks and tables, and a scroll printer very large.

Everyone look busy and organized but peaceful and happy,

I saw a nursery with babies and women coming and caring for them .

Today March 15

I saw a woman soaking her feet on water and many different women feet with shoes.

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