I saw many jewish man with…

I saw many Jewish man with they prayer shawls , then a group,of people with turbans on their head and darker clothing.

Then a on the 22/feb/2019 I saw the Holy Spirit showing me the Bible or word of God so I open it it was Zachariah 5:1 there He talks about the course of the land , the idol temple in Shinar. The 4 winds some went from the north and one of them to and fro from one side of the earth to the other. I AM zealous for Zion . How He is coming and will punish the lier and the thief. That no stone will be left on their houses. To repent and pay back to the temple what si owed to him. That He is coming back, then The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of the Lord Jesus sitting in a throne and a crown on his head .

Then the Holy spirit kept showing me the bible, so I kept reading where he speaks about the children of Egypt and that he will destroy 2/3 of them and leave a remnant that will be his with Judah , and How He will abide in Jerusalem and He will be their God, and they will be their people. That He will bless Judah and Jerusalem.

Speak the truth and do not devise evil to your neighbor, and speaks of what He will do to those nations who fought against Israel.

That their King will come back, that is a humble King and will break the bow of battle and speak shalom (peace, blessing, benediction). He spoke agains Lebanon and how their cedars trees will burn with fire.

And kept speaking until the end of Zachariah 14:21

The Holy spirit showed me another passage of the bible where it speaks about Boas and ruth the kinsman redeemer.

The following day He showed me a roman warrior with sheen protectors in his sheens . This in the heavens in a city.

He also showed me people being put in a dark place like a dark box o pit. And others giving their bibles away so they were not put in the dungeon. Or dark place.

( made me think of persecution for the believer ).

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