Many little picks

I saw a totem with demon heads.

A knight fighting the darkness and summiting it

Satan pretending to be an angel of light and the Holy Spirit in a book with a lock that he opened and offering jewels , weapons and glasses.

feb 11/2019

The Holy Spirit came to me and showed me some sort of explosion, I saw a woman and metal bars flying in out of space , then landing on the earth , where they fell down there were men studying or taking samples, the metal they used to build things and water pipes but the Lord showed me it was demonic in nature, I saw demons smiling .

Feb 12/2019

I saw this really big hands and an angel coming out . Then I was shown a kingdom and the sins of it. Specially sexual sins, harlotry.

Then I saw a white building , this house or building had a light inside of it that would flicker as the person in charge move about.

I saw the angel and he divided the land where the house was took them apart . A house divided do not stand.

I saw a multitude of witches and warlocks Chanting and casting spells every night.

I was shown warriors with armor then also warriors but were more like robots. Kind of coming out of science fiction.

I saw a demon spitting at me, then I engage in warfare and he left, I kept worshiping God and deliver me by sending the Holy Spirit . Then the atmosphere change and the Holy Spirit showed me a chariot with horses running in the heavens , an open heaven , I saw the eye of the Lord looking at my house and open a staircase , I saw the Holy Spirit and cascades of water started coming down , then I was shown this meteors like in space but they were angels flying so fast. One of them had a whirlwind coming out of his feet, the others just light that made strikes of light .

I saw a big spirit in a city walking about, and the angels of the Lord came (5) and surround him I believed they bind him.

I was waken up by the Holy Spirit, He showed me 2 groups of 3 men each on a raft boat that arrived to shore carrying banner

The banner became an idol that grew very told and it got chained and buried, the people in the island were some sort of knights that were worshiping the idol and then drinking from cups.

I saw Satan sitting on his throne , then above the earth death with a pole that had a snake on the side they pass by me and what they left behind were pugs in pens.

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