Plans for his people …

I few nights ago I saw the ocean raging and demons coming out, octopus and a totem of many including pharo like demon.

I saw a king and queen, she was bed ridden very ill, demons all around her. She died and the king went to a transformation from joy to loneliness and despair., he cross a thresh hold into darkness where there were demons and withes chanting and brewing in cauldrons, this incantations went into the world’s atmosphere.

Then I was shown a man wearing a white tunic in a wooden boat spinning in circles forming ripples in the water, going faster and faster.

I saw the Holy Spirit on the bible (torah) while the book was open. His word is spirit and life. It comes alive.

I saw this telephone booths next to buildings made of brick, being transported by cables , this was a tropical area because the plants look like a jungle or tropical.

29 sh’vat 5779 Monday feb 04 2019

His plans for you. I remember the Holy Spirit come and showed me a European city ( because of the of buildings arquitecture ). Perhaps Italy I saw in the sky a small dot of winged something and got bigger and bigger. The building started to spin and the dot became a chariot with horses and riders like army roman soldiers.

I also saw a kind of dark shadow or cloud coming down, I saw a young woman with a baby in her arms coming down on the clouds and when she was on the earth she was trying to hide and ask for shelter like she was persecuted, I saw her on a road between two very close mountains and then climbing in one.

I saw this angel warriors coming out a rock , and later a woman walking with 2 young children , maybe one about 9 or 10, an Angel guiding them , I saw the holy Spirit creating a river in the wilderness.

I saw a rider warrior on a horse and next to him an angel , the angel got on the horse with the warrior and they became one.

I was shown many different places in the middle east, I remember seen an extremely large man on white rob with sandals walking among the city ., then God’s spirit cover the earth and

I saw the oceans and earth bringing all their dead back to life in fresh new bodies.

I saw the Lord Jesus ‘s hand with a nail hole in his hand shinning light from above down to earth. I remember seen a cloud with angels on the heavens coming down , and remember water pouring out from a mountain that had a throne in it. I saw people trying to get into the water but were aloud only one by one .

I saw a woman on the water and she was sited and sumerge in 7 times (purification) . Then from within the water this light took her inside and they appeared on a different water body and as she came out she was shedding herself and became this 2 or 3 year old child and the father (God) on white clothes pick her up in his loving arms , there was so much light coming out of his eyes, the Lord Jesus was there with Him.

This other woman came out and kneel on the ground and she was sincerely sorry was respectfully asking for mercy, the angels change her ragged clothes into beautiful white robs. , this people in white robs were separated in a very large room.

I saw a group of people that were not aloud on the water they had an angel write something on their foreheads and then this beautiful woman’s face change into an animalistic like mask that cover her mouth. There were some nuns and thad the same result this demons like mask from within came and cover their faces and change them, some people had many demons were grossly transformed.

I remember seen this beautiful famous woman getting this demons coming out of her and getting a mask that look like part pig and a strange mouth coming out of her neck but her mouth was cover. All this people with masks were taking to a different place.

Then I saw the Holy Spirit over all the earth moving and transforming things. Then I saw those in white robs getting in a stair case ( like a staircase of a big cruise ship ).

I saw a glimpse of the eden garden where a young man and woman were in.

Somewhere In this vision I saw tables being set up and a man’s hand being hold by a delicate woman’s hand .

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