The war started…

On the 29 of January

I saw water well and the water started to move and flow down as a cascade , I saw the eye of the Lord and water flowing from it as a cascade.

Then below a demon got in that tunnel .

It became a vine ( like a carnivorous plant ) on one side of the tunnel the other the water was flowing . It became a trap .

I was shown an open heaven then a city and how the Holy Spirit was moving on the entire earth and the air, changing the earth and atmosphere like beans being bend.

I saw this angels coming down to a place with a bridge and water channel , they touch the water and it became blackish , after they left I saw a demon like a gargoyle growing behind the bridge and expanding and form a castle upon him .

The sky look darker as if the light was gone.

I saw a place were women dress in black cover from head to toes enter this place , but when they step in the stairs started to change and then inside the spirit showed me their nakedness .

I saw another castle with doble walls then above a huge dragon flaying and standing in mid air next to the walls .

I saw in the spirit lots of movement of darkness, raging seas with monsters and totems with demons and principalities like Pharos .

I also remember seen an army of Angels in armor . And a battle violent of angels and demons .

I saw a town and every thing change to darkness and fear, but there were a few places where the Angels put on a cloth, banner in the entrance of a building . I was shown a different place were the angels would put a spiritual banner in the entrance of a building.

I saw insects but very little flora.

I saw children and insects this babies were created with insect DNA for they look like kids as they grew but had animal characteristics .

I saw a Mighty angel with a sword and flew and stab the dragon, the sword went in and from within bins the dragon, then I saw the dragon in a cage pull by horses in a cart on the clouds and a vault in the Spirit was open and He was put in it.

I got interrupted and when I came back I saw the throne of God moving closer and water pouring from it, the Holy Spirit all around .

I was shown a tabernacle and 2 sets of things , one in gold the other in silver, there were one gold book and one silver book.

Some names were erased and others added.

I saw from heaven many crowns were let down .

I saw a mountain cliff , and a very large man the size of the cliff and people would come and hide under his shall wing and him .

I saw the Holy Spirit going and moving around and transforming everything , I didn’t see people , just the land.

The throne above Zion and water pouring out and filling a valley, then people being washed and clean and becoming luminous.

I saw the dragon being loosed again and some men burning incense to It, God send his whirlwind and despear them , cast them out and the Dragon.

I saw the Spirit of God over all the land. I saw this castle walls being restore, it had gates in the base and on top had arches with a moon, that turn into a David Star, into a cross into the Lord Risen .

I saw a room with women in white then it was only one and she walk with his Groom wearing a kings cape, then sitting . Just from the shoulder down.

This morning

The spirit showed me also women being guided by angels and lower in boats through a cascade into safety.

Hear the Word of God , read scripture and pray, may The Lord give you understanding .

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