Jan 27/2019

The Holy Spirit Of God came to me I saw snow coming from the heavens , then turning into water, the water hit the ground and form a creek, it dry eventually, then the Lord put a cascade next to it . I saw walls and gates being straighten and rebuild, I was shown a tomb in the desert and the Spirit took me to the heavens and that man was in the heavens washing his head , more like water was falling on his head , next to him there was a well of water , look like ripples ,then like a whirlwind going down to earth.

Later the Holy Spirit showed me an oven that was open and all around it there were bread that kept multiplying , a non ending provision of bread and fell down to the earth.

As I fell asleep, I was aware of good and evil, I saw in this dream a contraption how some parts or pieces were good and Godly and protected and others were from destruction . I walk up and I was sleeping with my mother ( I knew then I was still asleep ), I couldn’t breath , I started to speak as I gasp for air ” the Lord Jesus is my shield and buckler , my protector, my redeemer , my defensor, and I started to breath again. Then in the dream the Holy Spirit reveled to me some books that a woman has and are going to come to me. And I will need to preserve them or copy them. For they are important.

then when I awoke the Holy Spirit showed me how the enemy was trying to drill on my shield , but the Holy Spirit kept fixing it before any damage was made. And No harm would come to me.

The Dragon was behind trying to destroy my shield and buckler , but the Lord on High has me envelop in his cloak of protección and safety , that would straighten by the Holy Spirit . Amen

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