The Lord was sited on his

The Lord was sited o his throne and he call me to go up with him ,he stretched out his arm to get me. I spend time in the courts praying and interceding for people. The Holy Spirit full me with waves of color , then lower means saw above me from the back in a shelter way the Father walking on the heavens floor ( is a transparent floor ), only saw the back of the lord and in a very light manner ( the Holy Spirit always shelter my vision when he shows anything about the father ) amazing powerful God I serve. I went to sleep and I walk up and I was cover with this massive wings from heaven . The heavens were open and the King was sited on his throne .

The Holy Spirit is been showing me I dreams how the enemy is after my children , but also that my trust , salvation and confidence is in the Lord Jesus, The Father and the Holy Spirit. We have an everlasting covenant for me and my seed, and family.

I was shown the Lord Jesus walking on the top of buildings, then he stood on the ground and crouch down and gave a man a huge Bible ( Torah) and when it was own the word came alive and people and animals came forth out of the book of the word of God. His word comes forth and accomplished what it was created for.

The Spirit showed me lots of movement in the realm of the spirit of Darkness I saw the Dragon and again now with many heads like a hydra.

Later he came o my bedroom to spit fire, but I woke the word of God and released the sword of the spirit and he left.

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