Jan 17 the Holy Spirit

Jan 17 the Holy Spirit showed me the sexual immorality of the land ,then I saw armies of angels dress like Roman soldiers, I saw the Dragon and lots of movement I The enemies spiritual world, I saw a king ( demon) then he look like a human , he had a turban , then a crown .

Jan 19

The Spirit of the lord showed me a pool in bright vivid color

Then another Pool bit bigger .

On the night to be the 20th , had a dream where I was looking for one of my sons , I was lost and knew my son was not familiar with that area, I didn’t had a phone, I went on a hill and saw a man , I ask if I could use his phone, He said you have all this jewlery ( i thought he was a thief ) I started to remove the jewlery and he said I can only trade one thing I want your bracelet , I gave it and then saw my son under a bridge with many people, I was above him, He was looking around for me and calling my name, but couldn’t see me, I got finally where he was.

The Holy Spirit reveal that Satan was after him and me.

I went to the courts of heaven to repent for training with the enemy , and the Lord set us free.

The trading man is Satan .

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