The Holy spirit

The Holy Spirit came and showed me the Lord sitting on his throne, there were people at the earth worshiping him or seeking him

Then I saw in a podium a bible been open and the word became alive , then I saw the Lord Jesus coming down on a spirit form unto the people and the Holy spirit with him all over the multitude and then the people were passing bibles it was like the Lord and the Holy Spirit had turn into bibles and multiplied.

I saw people on the ground kneeling in a large field and cover with a blanket then they got swallow by the earth, because the blankets was all that was left.

I saw a ship with people in it going from this land to the heavens, the ship was floating on the air and move away from the land, on the land a huge multitude look like they were left , they had their hands up .

The Holy Spirit was showing me more things but some how I couldn’t distinguish clearly what was happening. I fell asleep.

Later I remember I saw a multitude walking in the land and it look dark everywhere and there was an area where they were trying to go through and a huge crocodile appeared and was intimidating them.

The Holy Spirit showed me the sexual corruption of the land , then an army of angels dress with Roman soldiers like clothes.

I saw the land then a Gap an on the other side another land Thad was coming from above.

In the gap or cliff I saw a Dragon , and later I saw the two land masses getting closer , almost touching .

There was darkness in the land , I saw a demon sitters on a throne , then his face change to a man’s face with a turban on it, later a man with a crown instead of the turban.

Jan 18

I revived news about a lady I took to the heavenly courts , got his prayer answer. Honor and glory to the faith-full God of heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.

I was shown a pool of water in vivid colors , later a bigger pool .

I was shower by this big bucket of water , the bucket never emptied, kept pouring water on me.

I had a couple personal dreams about my family from the Lord and waiting on his promises.

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