I was having some worship time …

I was having some worship time when I saw a whirlwind coming right at me and stood where I was and merged then I sit down and close my eyes and The Lord stood right over my head just a couple inches above , it felt like I could left my hand and touch them. I kneel and kept worshiping, then I saw the Lord feet with sandals on . There was a large scroll on the ground laying down and the foot of the Lord kick it , and it started to roll and open , kept rollin, had the word of God in it and later it became a red carpet, on the other side of the scroll I sow the Lord kissing his bride. Then I saw a road and a bridge and then a very large table surrounded by people . Then the sky became glorious in colors , it was theHolt spirit , where I stay for a long time Basking in his presence. Then he showed me 2 chariots with horses racking, one black and one white at the right of the black chariot. Then the white chariot catch up and swiftly pass the black chariot.

I saw one open book , the Lord was writing on it . Then He closed it, like when you are done reading or writing and you could see the back cover as in finish!.

Then I saw a king going down to earth ( not the Lord ) he had power and people pay homage . Then I saw people a multitude going into this city ( Jerusalem) passing through 2 large walls .

Then I saw another king also being worshiped , there were people from young girls in line with pompons in their hands . and others wearing dancers clothes. And the multitude behind them.

But there was like a smoke screen coming from the stage where the king was.

I saw people going toward a mountain , multitudes , surrounding it all the way up.

Then I saw this angel pouring down this huge cup or container down to the earth .

Then on the earth I saw people running out scared and this rhinoceros running and as they pass the roads were made of people skulls. , then I saw a multitude of worms appeared on

The ground . I saw man wearing armor, and a book but inside the book it look like a scroll folded in layers.

Then I was shown a group of people, then all of a sudden they were all death and some of them had a spiritual canopy above them . I saw people running out the city . Then I saw 2 lands trying to come close and touch . ( earth and man and heaven and God ) .

Then I saw the land being broken and the angels trying to bring them together.

Then angels lifting a throne and carting it. I saw a cascade falling down and making a river.

I saw people still having lust and committing sexual immoral acts.

I saw another book full of living words and the words became spirit and merge on the tunic of this men wearing white .

I saw somewhere a dragon like beast eating a man.

Then a mountain like being desintegrarse like little ounces of paper burned or ashes.

I saw something trying to put obstacles and separate the two lands ( God and man ) . I saw a book with many pages like a scroll folded in many layers.

May the Lord give you understanding and wisdom to discern his revelation. Share his word and pray.


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