The Lord showed me a church…

The Lord showed me a church building inside a big boat in the clouds.

He also showed me a big boat on the streets of Jerusalem and men with prayer shawls .

I saw a wall falling apart and behind underneath it there was a room with stairs going down .

I saw the Lord being very large walking surrounded by people, and then Took me up to the heavens on the palm of his hand and showed me a room with bricks like those used in the Temple Mount , there He was sited on His Throne and there were people wearing knight armor.

I also saw him walking surrounded by children , skipping, they all look happy, laughing .

I saw the throne of God on top of a mountain and water pouring out of his throne.

As I worship I saw the Lord up above on the clouds and in front of him an open heaven , he was looking at me as I worship, then He got up and stranded above me.

Then the Holy Spirit took me and showed me a Kingdom on the earth where there was a King and people worship him and made a sort of parade or Flores where they took him and carts behind him.

This Kingdom was full of corruption, sexual immorality, idolatry, slavery and sin.

I saw a little boy working on the streets carting a bag with stuff behind him , and the boy looked dirty, hungry and it felt like he was a slave.

The Holy Spirit took me and showed me different places were I saw houses on the earth, different environments, a desert, mountains, cities .

There was a house or cabin on a mountain and there was a woman and children outside playing, but inside I saw a fireplace with no fire, and a bucket with blood pouring out. The blood got in the ground and kept standing over mountains.

I saw a mountain split in two and a valley was form,

I saw to large man spirits walking on the earth.

I saw the eye of the Lord looking down and pouring light, and then I saw A man in white clothing walking on a street, he had light insight of him, that flashed bright, the people around it didn’t have light. Everywhere around him was darker.

I saw the Holy Spirit coming down where I was and showed me colors, like running my eyes, then I saw the open heaven was surrounded by dark clouds that were trying to close it. But the Lord Jesus stood up above me and the darkness started to tremble and retrieved.

I saw someone’s hand trying to give me something, I said no on less is from the Lord and he went away, then I saw the Holy Spirit and he showed me my hand had a ring with a red stone and little diamonds around it.

There is nothing like being in the presence of our God, His mercy and love are everlasting.

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