I dreamed the Lord…

I dreamed the Lord Jesus came to my room and lied down beside me , I es holding onto his arm, and we were just chatting , when my eldest son saw this light under the door, and said what is this, I said come in, and he came in the room and He saw the Lord Jesús in bed and Jesús was wearing kaki pants and a white, grey and yellow shirt , when my son saw him his eyes were open and his countenance change, I told him come and meet my God. , so he jump onto the bed next to Jesus and they talk .

Then my husband and younger son were in the hallway and I asked Can they come in, the Lord said yes. Then the place were we were became an apartment and there was a party and people we know were there. My son said let them know , so He announce The Lord Jesús lives, I met the living God, and started to worship him and the people around didn’t wanted to hear, they stop listening , my son said Jesus lives and change my life.

We left and later I saw a person I know in the apartment , and he had my purse, I came and talk to him , he look happy full of joy, when I came back my son was no longer in the dream, the man that had my purse had become evil, there was darkness in his eyes. I left wondering what should I do about it.

Then I walk up

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