I saw 31st-1st

TheLord showed me an The Holy Spirit in a whirlwind .

Then a mighty angel carrying people into a boat

I saw an open heaven and the Lord standing above .

Then I saw a tree planted and twirling to the right and some kid holding onto the tree like hugging him.

I saw the Lord Jesus sited on his throne , then he got up and started to walk going down , he was walking on the earth (planet) going all over it, all around.

I saw an angel setting this track and align it, it had a huge wheel on it, the will was set in motion and went and got to the water and was transported to the other shore and went up a mountain.

I saw a bed with a man lying down, this angel came and wake him up and made him get up, then there was a woman praying kneeling on her bed, she disappear.

I was shown a very large line of Angels coming down to earth from heaven.

I saw the Lord Jesus sitting on his throne and there was a lamb on his knees, then as the Spirit zoom me out, there was a narrow road to the Lord and at the sides of the road there were trees, then they change and there were angels and behind them a multitude of people where there was a forest.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me a book open fill with words and the Spirit kneeling inside the book on the open pages.

I saw a road again , and I saw 2 large doors being open and this person wearing white shirt and pants came in this large room , then I was shown water coming down from some stairs then turning into a river .

I saw a big rock / cliff , the Holy Spirit open a tunnel of cave in it with some angels .

then the Holy Spirit showed me this tents in triangular form on a field, I believe there were people on the floor .

Then I saw a very large line of angels.

I was taken to Jerusalem, there I saw the Spirit of the Lord and a boat going into the city and all this men with shall prayers on their head and back .

( Salvation is coming home ) 🙂 . The Lord said to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And that whoever is with them would be bless. May the Salvation of the Lord Jesus come to the Jewish people very soon . A Nation of Holly Priest.

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