James/Jacob 4:7 5:19therefore if you

Therefore if you would be subject to God , you should resist the devil and he would flee for his life from you, draw near to God and He would draw near to you. ….

I was taken to the courts of heaven and behind me many woman behind me, There we were given armor like knights and a sword and was send to stand up on our destinies and pray and intercede and do God’s will.

I was thinking of the real meaning of Christmas “the birth of Jesus”. I closed my eyes and The Holy Spirit showed me a Christmas ornament and inside the ornament snow falling down on evergreen trees and then a village , then a baby lying on a manger , bundle and laying on a straw bed. Full with light, but the parents and animals were just shadows. The spot light was on this beautiful baby .

then the Holy Spirit showed me feet on sandals , then the right sandal removed, then the left , then a person on white tunic sat down and lift his right foot , there was a vessel to catch water under his feet. His feet were been washed.

Then he showed me snow and evergreens an on the snow a carriage pull by horses with many people , the carriage became a six wheeler truck pulling a boat , then the truck became this huge legs walking to the water shore, in the middle of the water there was a circle and it had like a hole or drain where the water fell down like a cascade , going from heaven to earth , then the boat was place in the middle and and lower down to earth .

then I looked up to see where the cascade was coming from I saw the eye of the Lord and this rays of light and water coming from his pupil.

Then I saw to lands one on the left then a cliff then the other land on the right , this was higher, trying to come closer together and make the distant smaller.

I saw a Kingdom with tall walls and watchman on the walls, the walls of the castle began to crumble to make a gate or opening.

I saw carriage on the heavens with white horses , large, running fast, behind a darker cloud very large followed ,they went down to earth to Jerusalem and as they approach a wall with no gate or seal gate , the wall started to crumble forming a gate , they went in , then this very big man with sandals and a white tunic .

I saw people on a circle on heaven. Then a boat was put on it with hosts of heaven and ent down to earth just like the other one.

I was shown this Kingdom with a woman as the person who run it, a principality or power , she was naked, inmoral and in every room there were some sort of sexual sin and deviation.

Then I saw a demon with a hood on on a desert area with a huge amount of followers . Then we’re they were they brought out man in chains and wood going throughout their sides.

I saw a mountain divided in two and every mountain and hill around it got flat.

I was shown 2 young teens also in chains taken to a hole on the ground and lower them down.

I saw a demon with a baby on his arm when the baby was about 3 or 4 they started raping him, and he was in slavery all his days until he was a man .

I was taken to the courts of heaven to repent for the sin on the land to change the atmosphere of the places we live in and rededicate the Land to God., there were so many accusers, demons, bear, lion, wolf, snake.

Then I saw the eye of the Lord realizing light from above.

I saw the Lord Jesus with a sword on the palm of his hands laying horizontally , and walking toward an accuser and making the accuser going back to the earth.

I call on al mighty women of God and mature Christians to intercede, pray, and go to the courts of heaven , to destroy the legal rights the enemy has agains his people, land,pesidents and kings of our territories.

Pray in the Spirit as much as you can and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Blessings, the Lord May keep you , do not fear he is coming soon.

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