The Holy Spirit came to me Dic/03 and 04 2018

The Holy Spirit came to me and point his finger at me, so I followed him to this Rock cliff where there was a hole at the top of the cliff/rock , people were jumping into the hole, then We walk to the edge and saw the ocean at the bottom of the cliff and people going up the cliff to go to the top and jump in the hole .

Inside the lord had a wall full of portraits of his disciples not just the first 12 Apóstoles, but all of us who seek him and follow him. Then showed me a room full of men wearing different kinds of shoes, He focos in on pair that kept changing from boots to business shoes, boots, casual , etc…

Then later He showed me a young deer buck in the snow and a pine tree then the tree had lights , then I saw 2 bucks in the snow.

I saw people walking in the snow like migrating They were not together.

Then I saw elephants and camels with someone riding in a canopy on top of each animal, then a line with 4 or 5 in a row following each other until they were close to a mountain surrounded with clouds, there was someone dress in white . Then sited in a throne .

I also saw a wall of rock and in this wall there were women showing their Brest .

I remember water in a river getting dry .

The Lord Jesus also show me more ,his feet and He going up a mountain with large steps , and more people hiding on a rock/Cliff.

Yeshua HaMachiac is the Rock/cliff of our salvation.

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