I saw a tabby gray cat

I saw a tabby gray cat , it was laying down , and where he was started to spin like a heavenly door being open, the Holy Spirit came in and took me with Him , we went up and arrived at a garden gate where a King with a red cape and crown, was talking to His bride , and the were being sweet and look so in love with each other, with tenderness they spoke in each other’s ears. Then I was taken to an inside room where the king was surrounded by angels , thee was Yeshua’s cross in the back of the room, and angels ministering to the king.

Then the King was walking with his bride on his arms and as they walk she gave birth to a child , that now carried by the wife on the king’s arms .

They put the child in a beautiful crib and room.

Then I saw the King, bride and child on a chariot pull by horses, and more chariots behind, and angels everywhere and a train rob outside the chariot so beautiful and sparkling .

Then I saw a multitude of people cheering because the King was there , and the chariots pass through the people and arrive at this place . The king the bride and baby . Then I saw the Lord Yeshua dress on a white simple tunic but it was so bright , and in Him the Holy Spirit and the Father spirits, and angels all around him .

Then I saw an open tunnel or stairway to heaven , where angels were ascending, some just on white tunics, and others were warrior angels on white horses.

The Holy Spirit took me up to the eye of the Lord and was shown how the Holy Spirit and the word of God filled the heavens and went down to the earth and change the atmosphere , the sky was beautiful and blue and the eye of the Lord looking down.

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