I saw a wheel turning

I saw a wheel turning and inside of it a knight running, then the night got out with a white horse and rode through the stone floor into a path o a very tall wall (fortress) watching from above he could see everything below for miles, then it started to tremble and rocks were falling from above and the wall became se sort of animal of rock then from the ground a donkey o horse like got up and started to ride , then s knight was on it.

Then I saw the eye of the Lord shining light through from above .

I saw the chariot of the Lord running with wheels and horses across the sky .

2 large tectonic plates of land tremble and came together one higher than the other but together.

The heavens were open and someone descended, could not see the face .

Many walking and pushing carts with belongings

I was shown someone coming down from heaven and a black horse with a rider and a book .

Then the chariot of the Lord riding fast with wheels and white horses

I also saw a being like a man with the face of a bull that had people on their knees with chains in their neck .

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