Nov 20 /2018 the promise and Harvest is ready

First I pray for a good man , the Lord showed me chains and balls then gave me II Chronicles 33:10 -14 , where Manasseh is put in chains and fetters a and after aflicción he repents and humble himself and seeks the Lord his God , then the Lord hear his prayer, entreated him and brought him back to Jerusalem and Manasseh knew that the Lord was God.

I saw 3 spools with chains on a boat been reel in. There was a mast bit square and a big nail being pounded in the wood, and it broke the mast.

I saw 2 lands coming together like if they were hugging I saw this faces in the land and whisper in the other land ear. Then Breath came from one into the other , then I saw the Holy Spirit he showed me some lips and breath came out of them into me , the Holy Spirit presence fall on me, then I saw the Lord Yeshua standing in front of me .

Then I saw The Lord Yeshua dress in white radiant walking in a field of golden wheat and touching it with his hands .

Then I saw boats with spools of chains being reel in from the water. Many boats. , Chen getting to the beach , then I saw a multitude and the angels of the Lord went through the people searching their hearts, they could see their seen or their righteousness , some with sin , others with the Torah on their hands.

I saw the cross of Christ on a place with many stairs and the cross on the

Landing and there were 2 men standing and Jesus crucified , but the face of the Lord started to change into the faces of many man.

I kept seeing chains been reel in , in spools like if in the spirit there were many wheels set in motion in heaven and earth .

I saw a mighty angel fighting satan .

I saw a fortress in a mountain a d satan in it. With his horns on his head.

I saw Israel area from up high , the Spirit a d I were watching the su set , the heavens nearly here , I saw many runnels or staircases to heaven with wheals turning or spools with chai s being pull in .

In one tunnel there were things being thrown in , like rings and necklaces being melted .

I flew with the Holy Spirit and he showed me the clouds underneath our feet and then lower mountains, I saw a mighty warrior of God climbing a mountain.

I saw two men fighting on a bridge full with traffic.

I saw a gate coming from under the earth sending energy and the Lord shut it down.

I saw Saturn rings ,planets , the universe.

I saw a room with brides in it.

I flew over the mountains with the Holy Spirit what an amazing creation,.

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