More little glimpses

I saw an angel walking surrounded by a sphere of light or electricity connectors .

Lots of darkness for many days , all kinds of spiritual attacks, witches, warlocks , Demons , death. But the Lord is my shelter and my shield and buckler.

Finally after election the heavens open again I saw an angel and the Holy Spirit in front of me.

I saw the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit walking in the mist of darkness . The darkness started to scatter and I saw people worshiping the Lord.

I saw a high place and an idol in it, and here came a ball of light and knock it down and broke it.

I saw my self behind bars like grids everywhere even when I looked up.

I saw the books open and the 3 mighty man I was praying for showed up dress in knights armor with swords and shields.

I saw the cruz of Yeshua, the Lord Yeshua resurected in his glory behind, and behind him thousands of knights walking in a single line

I saw a big snake outside my property.

After interceding for a lady the lord showed me an angel getting on a bull and riding it, angels on horses behind 2 bulls

Then this land was parted in two by 2 whirlwinds then the one on the left had a cliff and at midway of the cliff there were stairs where a Person with light wearing white was there , but going up there was a tower room with a harlot in it.

The Lord showed me this ball of light coming from heaven then cascades of water raining in this canyon and filling the river beneath .

I also saw 2 women , one had a light in her hand the right hand and the woman on the right. Then I saw a woman (her hair style kept changing ) following other women , these ones had their hair cover with a shall .

One women arrive and there was an angel or perhaps the Holy Spirit who hug her, then the lord Yeshua arrived with a ball of light and it appeared like firer, like a heart with wings, then light , he send it through and landed at this house with two front steps and a black gate.

Then I saw lightning and saw Satan falling down to a cliff and at the bottom a large snake who came right in front on me. I released the sword of the Lord and eventually left me alone .

I saw the eye of the Lord coming down and getting me , he took me to the courts, I saw an open book and a grizzle bear roaring.

Then the King and his throne appeared , I believe O fall asleep, next day I ask for forgiveness and the Lord Yeshua call an angel and told him to go get 2 bulls to bring for atonement of sin.

Then the spirit showed me in Satan’s dominium they had people ready to be sacrificed to a snake.

I saw an army of warrior angels and chariots moving forward, I saw a fancy jet or plane like an arrowhead wounding the dragon.

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