Very personal visitation

As I spend many hours awake partially in the airport the Lord brought me up to His courts and as I presented my case to walk in my heavenly destiny , when the father gave his final verdict, this blood cover me and I started to see in the spirit in bright colors. I saw the Holy Spirit in different tones from a purpleish pink to a more purpleblueish color. I also saw with my eyes open a couple angels flying alongside the plane . I remember the Lord put a garment and hat on my head ( never seen a hat like that in my life, is hard to describe ) as I was kneeling in front of him. , later that night as I was praying for 4 young man purpose and destinies the Lord show this 4 young man kneeling in-front of him and Jesus himself got up from his throne and anointed their heads. Praise the Lord on High .

I also saw the Holy Spirit walking and surrounded by a sphere of electricity and light.

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