21st oct 2018

Yesterday while visiting a church in Tyler Texas, the Lord gave me a vision after the Pastor prayed for healing, wisdom and unity for our leaders in governmental positions and unity in our nation.

The Lord Showed me the Holy Spirit coming in and seeing the place where we were praying , then the Holt Spirit showed me a walkway or path trough a forest , then as the Pastor started to teach about the word of God . (God ) He showed me anointing oil coming down and merging with water that was flowing from a cascade in heaven and as this water came down it went all the way down to a dry river bed , this river was dry and full of river rocks, and it began to flow and hot fuller and fuller until it was overflowing a little bit , but to see how it went from a dry ground to a flowing river was so beautiful , as I was looking at the flowing water there was a rock a big rock that became a cliff where the water cascade over , the Holy Spirit made a hole in the cliff and we went in , then out, the Holy Spirit zoom me out and in that rock in that place was an eye, then I saw supper impide Jesus face and the Bible on the rock and living water . Then the Lord showed me this land separated by a huge gap and how He started to unite them , it was a slow process but that earthquake of movement of the land to bring them closer eventually happens. I shared with the pastor and congregation about the answer to his prayer and how the Holy Spirit was there ( there was actually a physical change in temperature as the Holy Spirit filled the room with his presence ). Every one revived the message and was very thankful with God, ( May the Lord Bless them for reviving his word on faith and joy ) . Then the pastor continued with his message that now was about depression and how to overcome bad choices, with a positive attitude , renewing our minds to received our promised blessing from God , just like Abram and Isaac did.

The Lord show me this room where there was a bit obscure room with a porthole on the roof shining light and this cloud of darkness gather and close the porthole and just as they were finishing closing the hole the Holy Spirit came from the side of the room and took all the gather darkness and took it out of the room in the same place that they were finish taking the light out.

Then he shine bright and fill the entire room.

Then I went to the restroom and the Lord gave me a pearl in my hands and showed me a one strand pearl necklace that multiplied into a two, three , four , until there were 10 strands of pearls necklace on my neck .

I went back to Worship and as the young girls dance he showed me angels dancing above them as they dance for God. Then as we worship two Angels that were facing each other and had their hands join together move back and let go Jesus our Lord appeared in the room filling it with light. I also share this with them. Then the service ended. What a wonderful warm loving congregation , they were so grateful that God was present in their church and for the answer to their prayers.

Glory to God, for He is good, and honor and Glory be to him .

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