More to come …

Later that day the Holy Spirit took me on a roller coaster on top of the mountains , going up and down and loop the loop. Then we were moving forward and downward and the cart stop and went backwards and just when I felt safe the cart move forward and the roller coaster broke down in pieces and we were falling down. Then He took me to a neighborhood and then up in the air where I could see the roof tops of the houses and a helicopter flying just below us, then He took me down to look at fences, some were firm wooden but as we went lower I saw some were uneven , some tall and smaller in other places or every picket had a different size and created gaps , then we went to the ground and at the level of the tall grass, there was a woman hanging laundry , and the grass was moving very much like there was a roaring wind, there were chickens roaming and there was a chicken cup with 2×4 and chicken wire and inside some flowers, she put her little toddler there thinking it was safer, when she walk away this huge tornado came out at the chicken cup , there was nothing she could do, but jump in a tractor or truck ( farmers) to try to survive. The tornado pass next to the truck , the tornado swallowed up everything in its path , then I saw a big train with many wagons going in circles, it was the tornado, after it pass there were 16 or more tornados that pass behind it.

Even big metal heavy structures were being taken off ( like a bodega roof , was lift up and toss far away .

Then we went to the eye of the Lord , and turn right and kept going I saw a swing on out of space going so fast like a metronome , then slow down to a halt. Then I saw a chil leg being move like an A or metronome .

Then I saw the Holy Spirit above with his wings extended standing on a huge rock , then living water flowing down and in the water The Lord Yeshua crucified .

then I saw the earth trembling and a man in white robs coming down a mountain and behind him a beautiful woman with a unique white dress with hanging cloth in the arms all the way down to the ground . Later I saw a woman in a carriage , I could only see her torso and hand .

The woman with the white dress had súper impose breast ( spiritually ) , later I saw a groom and the bride and behind her many many women dress in white , they would step into the bride and being presented to the groom , then the wedding and they kiss.

Later I saw the Lord going into a room , I follow him , He open a door and the Angels kneel with their heads on the ground and wings extended , and moving forward to the Lord.

Somewhere before I saw the Holy Spirit and behind him women with lamps on their hands.

Hours later I was shown in a cartoon form a man merging with a vulture and became one . Then I started to see things I didn’t understand ( like a book of sci-fi , like objects and animals merging , or humans and animals or machines it look real and at the same time unbelievable .

Then I saw a young man having sex with a young woman , when he got up next day he was sick and started to throw up, then this dark demons came and chain him up and took him with them to a place like a conference , where there were many young people in the same situation. In the stage there was this reptil hybrid , it was huge . I still can’t comprehend what I saw.

I finally fell asleep, the next morning I remember seeing the ground shaken and a tunnel or stairway going up then I saw the land beneath me , and I was taken to a room were The Lord Yeshua ( Jesus)

Was moving very fast doing things writing and putting book on shelves or picking them up ( it was as the fast movement indicated time passing ) then across the hall there was a door and it change and had a cross in it, then was a regular door again, then a group of angels and kids went in, there was a staircase on the right hand side going up. Then the door was close. The Lord walked to the door there was a child sitting outside the door on some steps. We went up and up so many floors to a library then He got a book and we saw a staircase Swirling and we went in to a place where there was a fountain made of Stone , then to another tunnel and we pass many worries and women with buckets. And kept going higher and there was a cascade of water, the Lord fill a clay vase with water and gave it to me to drink. Then we went down and then the Holy Spirit took me to a swirling staircase and went out of this place to the street and saw a carriage pull by horses and we went behind it. The floor was made out of stone and the Holy Spirit fix and gap or whole. Then we were in a different place where a young girl said ” just let me live ” ( that was audible ) then the place around were arid like a desert

Then we were somewhere else like Egypt and this beautiful young woman was kissing a young man, and then she appear in the street on the floor with a child begging to be let in a house but she was rejected, then the girl started to change physically to different girls of different nationalities , same story, same outcome different nationalities. Then I saw the eye of the Lord looking down and weeping.

Then I saw the Holy Spirit in the atmosphere pushing something away and make room for new .

Then I saw the Lord Yeshua walking in a green cemetery and as He walk everyone came alive in their resurrected bodies ( no bones or rotten anything,) . And they began to clap.

Then we were on a different area where there were people wearing white going one dirección and others wearing black and a turban on their heads oposite direction , they were taken farther away and the ground started to tremble and open and they fell in. We follow and pass them as they fell in , we went to the bottom of the pit where there was a channel like a river with liquid started to fill the river. We saw demons and ghostly figures . And we left to a place that look like a canyon . Then we were somewhere else and the Holy Spirit changing the landscape every thing came alive, there were trees again.

Then I saw an open heaven and the Lord Yeshua above walking on the air ( like he did on water ) very very close to the earth. Pretty much in the atmosphere I was shown a smoky mountain and above from the sky a knight on a white horse follow by a white carriage and more warriors on horses and descended and touch the ground, they kept ridding and went to stab lush their Kingdom .

There was a war the HolySpirit, The Lord Yeshua and many angels in white horses vs the enemy and his demons .

Then I saw the King sited in his throne and there was a small wooden plataforma where each person would stand on and the wooden stand would be brought closer or farther from the king depending on who was standing on it.

After they were on his presence he call them and they were strip of their clothes and giving beautiful shining armors ( I could see different faces inside the armor .

The ones who fought in black were also strip down from his clothing some of them where huge and muscular . I was not shown what follow.

Later I was taken and shown on the earth different places and how they had change , some were similar , others very different in culture and nationalities .

Somewhere in this vision I saw a smoking burning city and a dragon flying above.

Also the eye of the Lord and a white ball they went through the eye and when it pass it unravel and went down like clothe.

Forgive me it is beautiful and so overwhelming sometime I forget details, the Holy Spirit bring some of the images back as I write.

Please listen The Lord is coming soon , get close to him and listen to his word.

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