8 Tishri 5779 17 Sep 2018

The Holy Spirit showed me people walking in a road and a carriage coming the opposite dirección passing and opening its way through the multitude. Inside of it there were human skulls , so many that fill the carriage . Then finally it stop at a big hole or pit. Then the Holy Spirit and I went in, and at the bottom there was this entrance with stairs like going into a palace , after going up the stairs there was a circular area with a swirling floor and above it and something making an x like a energy field , inside a a big chair.

There was also in a different area a pit where people would jump in , but inside is like the pit was part of a monster mouth that had thorns or stakes and would open and close. Whoever jump in would surely died.

Then outside we saw a mountain at the bottom there was a gate that was really the mouth of a snake . Then the Holy Spirit and I left.

I remember on the earth we saw people living in small towns , there were chicken roaming on the dusty streets. There was a girl about 17 being tied down to a carriage and been drag around.

Then in a barn I was shown a girl and boy been beaten and thrown , treated like slaves.

Then I was in a place we’re they spoke Spanish , As we went through the place I heard a boy said to another boy ”sería mejor remover tu ojo que acabar en el infierno ” ( it would be better to remove your eye than ending in hell ) . There were a couple other frases I heard , but don’t remember what it was said. Then we were in a place where people spoke English , but I don’t remember what was said. ( at this time I was so very tired my brain was not retaining information) .


I saw an evil spirit like a dark angel and his cohorts sited in a very large table , in a meeting .

I saw a dark kingdom and a woman ( spirit extremely tall ) with a sword protecting the kingdom , outside the walls there was water ( looked murky ) in it a very large serpent with fearsome teeth . It sense me and lift un and brought his ugly menacing face right in front of me , and kept getting closer and growling at me . I did not moved I stood anchor , show no fear for the Lord is with me , and kept speaking the word of God until it disappeared .

Then I saw in the deep a mountain an a dragon ( the face of the dragon had come out from the mountain ) .

Then I was shown carriages , and saw corpses rap in white cloth , one person in particular was carried and put in a carriage to be move .

Then The Lord showed me a book and words in the book fell down and out the book. The Holy Spirit show me the Torah ( teachings of God , His word ) specifically Deuteronomy . To read about Moses and the commandments of God and the covenant He made with his children before crossing the Jordan .”To love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul and strength , to follow His commandments and testimonies and to sanctify the Shabbat and rest in his holy day , then He Told Moses he could not cross the Jordan , He was to stay and died.

Sept 27 2018

I saw caves and any opening being close , but the Holy Spirit open a tunnel on a rock and we went in.

Then he show me in a cartoonish form 5 or 6 men running on a mountain , as fast as they could and they stop for there was no more place to go , the earth was trembling violently and the mountain was being open, divide and crumble in some parts. It swallow most of them , then one of them try to go down and at that moment was not longer a cartoon, but a real man , there were very dangerous areas where he hat to leap or walk in edges of cliff mountains . They kept changing from man to woman , child or old , but the lord was there supernaturally helping them jump, leap, climb , I saw how he help this woman go down to safety and cross a river. He did the same with each one of the surviving people.

People kept moving forward , they could not stay and mourn, they were pretty much by themselves , none of their relatives and friends. It seem there was a river, but I couldn’t see any plants anymore , the place was deserted many rocks crumbling down , even spirits in caverns were leaving before the caverns colapse. Finally you could see other people waking toward a canyon and there were many more survivors . They gather in small groups, to make fire and try to be safe . Groups of young people , women or men . I didn’t saw families together nor did I saw animals.

Then I was taken up to see the land from above , it was arid like a desert . There were some rivers where people will follow to drink and find others.

Something started to move in the water and made it unsafe and dark , then the land became so dry it crumble like sand, all of a sudden there were insects with wings coming out of the deeps if the earth , and fill the air like a cloud and the ground .

I stop and had to take care of my family , when I came back to my chair to close my eyes and see what the Holy Spirit wanted to showed me , This is what the Holy Spirit showed me

Man like figure riding white horses and wearing a cape or cloak , there were angels, the first one follow by many stop on the mountain and came down from My he horse and remove his cloak and got in a line surrounding the mountains in many levels , from top to bottom full of angel armies , then at the top where to of the angels met they leave a bit of a gap and water started to flow down , more and more like a cascade .

Then the Holy Spirit zoom me out and I saw a mountain surrounding a valley were the cascading water was filling the valley to the rim and the angels were there protecting the spiritual walls, mountains and borders. Then I saw a couple of carts pull by horses where someone wealthy was trying to go I to this area , I could no longer see the water instead look like an old city 2000 years ago , where people work with their hands and made utensils , plates, bowls , but I didn’t see plants or seeds.

There was an area with a river full of water and the sick were brought in , they became heal and whole again and stronger and they swim in the river and look so happy.

Then the spirit took me to the USA and I saw people on the streets doing their daily things , some black young man talking under a bridge and then a family on a snowy mountain sledding , then the hill became so steep the sled was falling and at the bottom of the mountain only one kid remain on the sled , lying down in the sled.

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