Sep 17, 2018 Tishri 8, 5779

I was shown a street and an intersection , there was a planter on the street corner on a pedestal, I saw 3 angels around the place , then a Demon broke the planter down to the earth and split it in half , then I cry out to God and He heard my plead, and sent his chariot with horses and angels and restored the broken place.

Then I was shown a place in the thirty’s, there was an old fashion car and building of that time, then I saw books on the courts, the I saw the Dragon accusing someone on my family line, So I repented and ask The Judge for mercy and the blood of Jesus to be pour over our family line, then I was shown a couple and I hear a fly buzzing, so I ask ask for repentance for their iniquity and forgave them for whatever sin open a door for unbelief, or sin in our blood line. Then I saw the Lord writing something in a book. Then we got out of there and finish in the courts.

Later I was shown by the Spirit a train and a Chinese child or at least Asian.

Then somewhere else water and a boat and this wooden fence, the fence planks got in the water all join in by wire and got in the water and cross the ocean to the other side where there was a beach , one of the wooden poles fell down and got up again and kept walking until they got to a big rock.

I saw a boat 🚣‍♀️ on the water and people rowing towards the ocean , and until they reach a rock that turn into a whale and there was another boat coming from a different direction, they got into the mouth of the whale too.

Then I saw mountains crashing into each other , big earthquake, then I saw a huge woman with bear breast walking in the land .

Then I saw water raising in some places and a water on a hill was cover and gone.

Then I saw a huge Rock like a cliff, then this idol trying to cover the entrance of the open heaven, then it was gone.

Then I saw fish jumping in the deep ocean , and boats rowing towards the deep not the land. I saw the Holy Spirit on the land and people at the beach, then the water residing . Then I saw a place in the country side with cows eating grass inside a fence, then the land was split in half and the earthquake Mabe the land move violently.

The Holy Spirit showed me people walking on a road, and more and more people joining in, then I saw a chariot coming the oposite dirección and inside of the carriage human skulls, so many. Then the carriage stop at a big hole or pit. The Holy Spirit took me in to see a sort of palace at the bottom, with stairs and a floor that circle like a whirlwind and some creatures in 4 corners forming an X position over the whirlwind .

There was a pit with an animal that had thorns like steaks in its mouth, when people went in they were impale . Then outside there was a entrance door with a huge snake at the bottom of this mountain. Then we went out of there and so people living in a village and chicken timing around.

Then I saw a girl about 17 tied down to a carriage and drag. Then in a barn a boy and girl being beaten, like they were slaves .

Then I was in a place we’re people spoke Spanish a child said, is better to loose an eye than your life in hell. Then some other frases in Spanish I don’t recall, then I was taken to a place we’re they spoke English. I can’t remember what was said.

Tomorrow is a Holy day to God, he order the Jewish people to celebrate his holidays YomKippur is when people repent for sin and fast 25 hours from tonight at 6:50 to tomorrow at 7:50 PM

Lets seek the Lord and repent for our iniquities so we and the land be heal. And restore our covenant with God all mighty.

The Hebrew roots are the true roots of Christianity , Jesus was a Hebrew man and follow the commandments and statues of the Lord ( God the father) .

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