Latest visions

The Holy Spirit told me to wash my face, it didn’t make sense, it took me some days to figure out te was to get my heart in the right place , in other words to clean my act.

I had to do some soul searching and repenting, then The Holy Spirit showed me the Lord Yeshua sitting in his throne and getting up and walked forward and gave a sword 🗡 to this knight.

I went up (in the spirit) and followed the Holy Spirit, then I saw 2 angels coming down in a tunnel , they had a cape on them , they took it off, and had this sun glasses, the Holy Spirit showed me n open mouth and how the glasses and this rays went inside the mouth into the the head at the eyes level. So I open my mouth and rated for the Holy Spirit to show me then to close it. And He did. Then the other angels desapeared , all this happened on September 04th.  Then I saw the Holy Spirit reached out his hand to me to tell me to follow him into a tunnel,everything looked dark black and gray, and sometimes you could see light . I saw people in the streets outdoors (they look homeless) , I saw a little of light here and there arround the people. I saw a cliff rock and beneath a boat 🚣‍♀️ and a man trying to move it. The boat was on the ground and wouldn’t bodge, inside the boat there were people hiding and I couldn’t believe how many people fit in the boat they were hidding . In a different place a saw a church or temple , there were unholy people in charge and there seem to have some spirits or idols around it.

Then I saw this man (Yeshua) going in and going up to a higher ground , a room with stain glass windows and with him many angels that stood in front of the windows in a diagonal formation with arrows and ready to shoot.

Then I saw a snake from the windows , it was at the bottom of that church in a door ( like if the mouth of the sneak was the door) , there were idols on the walls.

Then a big earthquake happens and the ground split open revealing stair case going down maní floors.  The Lord showed me a dark place with a man wearing a dark hood making something like a metal circle , the Holy Spirit (Ruach) zoom me in and I could not figure out what it was. I remember seeing a cup of ceramic that was something else seconds ago and had change its appearance , , then it change its appearance again. I saw a man bringing a baby and giving it to another man that had another baby. Audibly the man said what are you going to be? The other responded, do you think He will make it? They said something else I have not been able to remember.

I saw a big Angel repearing the ground and the walls, then I saw on a hill  throne well two one on each side at the top of the hill, and fog, first I thought it was water coming down from behind the hill or the throne, but it look more like fog , when I got closer I saw people, a multitude dress in white coming from behind the hill at the top.

Sept 5th

the Holy Spirit took me up and I saw this place where there were mountains ⛰, we kept passing mountains and then we went across to a place with a big table and the eye of the Lord, and through the pupil there were this 2 train tracks with trains coming out going towards the mountains them the Holy Spirit open a rock and went in and I follow, there was a staircase going up in a circular motion . Then I saw a big giagant hand pushing people into a hole or pit or rock opening on the ground, I went in an the people were fine we went in and I saw stairs and next to it a beautiful water cascadeand water coming down through the stairs . I knew came from the throne room . We went up and pass through this beautiful cascade had a mouth and an eye 👁, then we went into a big door like in the throne room or courts of heaven , we ended in this big library and books were been open , then the books took us out to a waiting room were people, man and women in the spirit were waiting for an assembly.  Then I believe I dose  off, when I walk up the Holy Spirit took me through the cascade again on our way out . I notice the mouth and eyes again  , then we flew out far and higher and turn arround, there was a face  in the cascade ( like Jesus ) . How beautiful is the Lord , then I saw a Bible ( old and new testaments or Thorah ) it was open and the words had this light shining forward .

I just remember that is going to send the Holy Spirit in Israel and remove the blinders of their eyes.

Also we have to pray for our nation, our president ( elect by God) that we do His will and not our will. , pray for forgiveness of sin in us, our land and blood line.

Those who have ears, hear the word of the Lord.


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