I had the most beautiful vision

I had the most beautiful vision of this Columba in the heavens, the temple of the living God, with rows of people in front of the columns in formation wearing white tunics,, then I saw a multitude of people in white robs. Then the Ruach (spirit)

Took me up and saw this huge beautiful temple .

Later I saw a place in the land and the changes in it. And how it change it seemed from bad yo worse then the Spirit of God took me in and I saw iniquity, sin and many people in torturing beds with their feet is some sort of shackles, then this tables started up make a spiral shape, opening a door to hell , many places like that one. Sacrifice of a child, etc, and again a spiraling down, I pray that those gates be close and that God heal the land and claim it for him So the atmosphere changed . And became a bethel gate from heaven to heal the land and set these people free from opresión.

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