July 25th 2018

The Lord showed me knights and angels , my eye sight was pretty dark, the Lord Yeshua and the Ruach HaKodesh put some glasses on me , I could see much better. The Lord Yeshua was adjusting my glasses and the Holy Spirit was there as a Dove right behind him a bit on the side .

I revived heavenly blessing including a muffin from heaven they landed on my forehead . That was great, just to think about it puts a smile on my face .

I saw the Bible and the words became spirit. I saw it several times throughout the day.

I saw the eye of the Lord and did rays of light coming out of it down , later I saw the partial face of the Lord right in front of me.

I saw an open heaven and people worshipping, and one hand with light in it .

I saw the Holy Spirit (Ruach) and The Lord Jesus ( Yeshua) merge into one and get inside a person , at the same time that they are in the heavens they are inside the believers, and I saw a multitude of people living in a dark environment world and only a few had light inside of them doing acts of loving kindness (Hessed) and helping others. And some angels came downtown and took some people up, gone in a second, from the multitude , I saw in the sky a bride and groom , she was put on a horse and her left shoe was taken from her by the groom (sacred covenant of redemption) . Then the people left behind in great desolation, I saw the heavens closing, and the Bible open again.

I saw a man coming down a mountain and being caught by this darkness in a stronghold.

I saw the bride in a boat being send back

Then this people in white robes coming down from heaven, I saw a dragon eating people, later I saw the Angels of the Lord and The Lord coming down from heaven and some shackles for the dragon . I saw the Holy Spirit fill the place with his presence and a multitude of people lead by Rabbis going up the hill and followed by people , angels and Shepards , the Angels were larger, then the shepherds and Rabies, then the people.

Later I was shown a man filling Down a train track , he was moved by 4 man in white robs and they got him out of the train tacks , an Angel came and carried his spirit and gave it to the Lord Jesus and the Lord Jesus gave it to a bigger hand ( the father’s hand ) .

I was shown this wheels of water and water coming forth like a river and this river run and became a cascade then more river fill with people getting clean and angels assisting, all in white robs. Then I saw a huge cliff and some people were outside others inside the cliff/rock , this train came from the mountain in the middle of the huge cliff rock ( spiritual train) and was being filled with the people and the angels, there were children and old people , women and men.

I remember seeing s huge earthquake were to pieces of land came together then up and down until they fit.

I also remember seeing a man dress as a king and children around him ( I have a feeling it was not good )

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