I saw 2 white horses

I saw 2 white horses and a chariot galloping.

And again 5 white horses and a chariot galloping.

Another 2 horses got into a place where there were 3 treasure chest boxes .

I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, I was kneeling down before him.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me many different deities coming down from stairs walking surrounded by worshipers, strong man, woman, warrior.

I saw the Holy Spirit coming off a cliff and flying on the air , then I followed him, we went up and saw the eye of the Lord, then we stop in front of it.

Then we saw a chariot with horses , and were with them, one of the horses turn his head and looked at me as if he knew me, and we rode the horses. Then I saw the face of the Lord Yeshua.

July 16th 2018

The Ruach HaKodesh gave me a vision of a man waiting in a room and then time pass , there were many more waiting for their turn to have an audience.

The Holy Spirit walked off a cliff and flew and waited for me , he turned around and I saw his beautiful face , I followed Him ( what a joy to see his face ), and we went up to the heavens, there was a huge door ajar and I went in , inside there were 2 huge doors , the doors open wide and I went in , there there was the throne of the Lord ( I could not see all the way up , , just from the knees down),

Lower there were other chairs for presenting your case and witnesses, it was the Court room of heaven. I got on my knees and I thank God for slowing me to have an audience and opening his court . I ask the Lord what was I accused off , he showed me this huge panther or leopard came in the room and took his place. I reply I was guilty of my accusations , I pleaded the courts to show me the books were it was written, I ask if the Lord Yeshua could be my advocate if possible, they took me back to a room with books and open some πŸ“– books, I couldn’t read what was in it, or hear anything that was said. I still repented for any sin, transgressions or iniquity I or my ancestors in my blood line had committed, and ask to be cover with the blood of Jesus and be wash with the word of God and living water, I renounce any covenant with Satan or demons, then I saw another book with symbols or numbers, and ask the Lord to revoque any legal right the enemy had against me, then the Rouach took me to this water to be cleanse. I ask that my destiny would be aligned with the will of God and the purpose He had written for me in his books ( this was when the 2nd books were open and I let the blood of Yeshua give testimony on my behalf, and I sing to the Lord and praise him, and thank him.

Then the Rouach Ha Kodesh took me to this place with water and from Heaven this vessel full with anointing oil was pour on me.

Then we went out and down and was shown cities , and towns, first the big houses and monuments in the USA Washington, then I saw this big building made out of idols, then other places like Japan or an Asian place surrounded with water (Ocean) the houses were different than in the USA , one floor houses with different roofs. I saw a whirlwind in the ocean. Then we went to a Jewish town or market , then to a place were Jewish man we’re praying, then was taken to a musk and there were Muslims praying , I was taken to diverse cities in Europe.

I was shown Washington and then a Hanger and inside a military helicopter then flying in the clouds this smoky clouds being drop to other places, in those cities I saw this smoke like hot coals coming down, then I saw more cities and Nations and their landmarks and coles on fire coming down.

Then I was taking to a smoking mountain , beneath a forest of evergreens 🌲. On Europe there was a huge torch above them like the torch of lady liberty but bigger over those European nations. I was shown more places but it was dark and hard to see with clarity what was going on. Then I saw a mountain and the hills beneath, and in every top I saw a shrine in the high places ( for idols)

Then the Holy Spirit took me down to a cave , there were snakes, one in the entrance, and spirits coming out, then a bigger one feeding on sacrifices, that snake was fairly large, and there was a cave with a 7 headed sneak one of the heads look more like a dragon πŸ‰ head .

I saw the eye πŸ‘ of the Lord filled with water πŸ’§ that fell like a cascade .

I saw the feet of a man going down a hill toward the caves were the snakes were , and his feet change and grew into πŸ¦† like feet.

I saw the spiritual cross of Jesus coming down on different nations , in other places I saw man dress like ancient Roman soldiers ( Jerusalem) and many were being crucified . The Lord showed me a huge cathedral in Europe.

He showed me a pretty house, inside was very beautiful, the ground began to open and shake violently, the ground open wide and long , and a spirit like force came out.

The following day I was shown sexual sin and this or I gotta a city and rifles appearing pointing outwardly.

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