The Holy Spirit showed me the Bible/Torah

The Holy Spirit showed me the Bible/Torah (The word of God) open and the word came alive became a spirit, then He showed me a pair of feet ( Yeshua) walking on the word of God, sometimes standing on the word.

I saw a plaza o market like place full of people, they had this feeling of unrest, then I saw the feet again walking on the word, then I saw a pig at the feet of the people on the plaza , the pig was divided in two, and 1/2 de pig went to half the people (left) , and 1/2 the pig went to the other half (right) , so the multitude was divided in two.

Then I saw the feet of the Lord walking on the Open Bible again . Then He showed me 2 big boxes of land clashing with each other and merging and becoming one. ; then I saw water being poured out of heaven, then the Bible again , and the feet walking on the word, then I saw 2 big bears pulling a cart each one going East. Then I saw His feet walking on the word again and going upstairs slowly, his feet had shackles and were heavy ; I saw the Bible opened again .

When I open my Bible he showed me Jacob 1:19 to 5:19 hearing and doing the word, warning against partiality, faith that works, the tongue, The wisdom from above, friendship with the world, judging a brother, warning against boasting, warning to the rich and patient in prayer.

Then I saw a train with an angel in front.

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