The Brest plate Of righteousness

The Spirit showed me a carriage where some mighty warriors came out and as they move the Holy Spirit showed me the left front shoulder area was damage and mended with bandages or tape,

He zoom me in so I could see there was damage there and was not fix, just mended. Church listen to the Spirit, and do accordingly.

then the Spirit Showed the Eyes of the Lord, He was looking at the earth and had tears in His eyes.

I saw the land, it look like Jerusalem area (middle east) The ground was arid, there were women and children , and water appeared on the streets, then outside the walls on a sort of war ship pointing at inside the walls.

I saw water coming from up high and the water became like the ocean and fill in some up the streets like if it was Venice , but it was Israel , other areas there were rivers not so full and there were dead fish up higher were there used to be water, the water began to flow and fill the river again .

I saw in the heavens a man sited in a throne with a sword on his right hand, but inside of him there was a smaller king , he was not radiant like Jesus , he came to earth and was parading on the modern streets in a car , from inside the car came this clouds of gas or smoke and like a vail cover the atmosphere and every one there couldn’t see the truth .

Then I saw the Lord Yeshua coming in the clouds with some angels, and saw a soldier or warrior of the Lord, and the Lord hug him and greet him with love, then is like he went inside or through Jesus and got behind him like being cover in him , then another and another , all of a sudden became Jesus and His bride , and back to heaven .

A few days ago I saw a podium with banners, like if there were giving a commendation. , there were 10 banners.

I saw the Lord walking on the heavens , He had a small treasure box and put it inside a bigger treasure box.

He was still sited on his throne.

I saw a child , a man and a woman in a boat arriving in a dock, then this huge mighty hand push the whole dock into the water.

Then I saw a place where the ground was full of rocks where they were living , the place was full of books and scrolls

Fill with words and names. Then in heaven more books and scrolls .

I saw the eyes of the Lord and a ball of light coming out of his eye, then the light went forward and stop and the Holy Spirit

Zoom in and inside the ball of fire I saw an Angel crowning someone with long hair.

I saw a machine full of written scrolls full of words and names.

I saw the Spirit of the living God on top or above a multitude of people.

The spirit of the Lord showed me many idols in the land, many god and goddesses that are being worship , many innocent blood spill, I saw a goddess like woman that was surrounded in piles of death babies. , the Holy Spirit showed me the iniquity of the land , I kept reading in the bible as I open Daniel vision for the end of times and Isaias 2:8 their land is also full of idols, they worship the word of their hands , that which their own fingers have made , and the mean man is bowed down , and the great man is humble: Therefore do not forgive them!.

Isaias 1:1 to 8:23 the vision of Isaias de son of Amoz ….

Where Judgement is coming do to our iniquity, the Spirit of God showed me sexual immorality, , shedding of inocent blood, (abortion) , and worshiping idols. Judgement is coming , but I will trust in the Lord. He showed me a dark place and a bridge and peaple around a table eating soup. I large pot of soup for many.

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