Last night the Lord gave me visions and then Joel 1:1 to 2:17

Joel 1:1 the word of the Lord that came to Joel the son of Pethuel .

Listen to this, you old men ! Give ear to you inhabitants of the land! …… Joel 2:17 let the ministers of the Lord , weep between the porch and the altar and let them say, Spear your people, LORD, and do not give your heritage to reproach, so the nations should rule over them. Why should they said among the peoples , Where is their God?.

I was not getting many visions, it was like everything had gone dark. I got rapped in the things of this world. And by listening to a book I got revelation of how to go back and seek the Lord, not only I repented , but I understood the importance of seeking his face, worshiping and reading his word , specially in the night time when the spirit wakes me.

So the Lord draw near as I seek him, And while in worship He showed up and show me his eyes and nose and lips. And the most amazing peace came over me. My God is the living God, he is so beautiful, even for an instant to be able of been looking at His beautiful face is a wonderful and transforming experience. Then the Holy Spirit took me throw this paths that sometimes look like tunnels ( the feeling of going in a fast train in a dark tunnel, where you can see rays of light as you go through). Sometimes is like the túnel rotating back and forward like coming or going, sometimes I have seen a multitude of Angels going up or down. Like a staircase that swirl. This time from the eyes of Jesus I saw flames of fire and this light (rays of light ) coming out from his eyes and this multitude of angels going down and then they got low like kneeling and their head was forward and their wings change position and they got in this boats or clouds like and move forward very fast.

I saw this rays of light coming down like a cascade then it became water but underneath the water before it drop into a cascade there was a cylinder that was rotating ( like making the water move forward and in which direction, and then it looked like this cylinder was an unfold carpet, unfolding but when almost at the destination with the water running over it , the mighty hand of the Lord appeared out reaching . Wow! Then later I saw paths and land there was this property of bodegas with a fence and landscape , I saw it the first time and we followed the road narrow and dusty or with very small pebbles, we went around and down a deep hill then up and from that top behind the metal bars of the fence you could see a green pasture and hill, we went there going into the pasture up the hill, when we got to the top , we saw smoke like in a volcano , but the hill was all green, then the Holy Spirit took me from there and later I saw the bodegas again, this time for afar there was this rocky cliffs or islands floating in the sky surrounded by air and clouds. Then He took me to another place where I saw 2 horses and riders one white and one black starting a race to get to the top, and as the race started the Spirit and I could see everything the rider of the white horse could see. And as we went up the hill, the hill got transformed , there where areas where it look like a cliff and others where the path was narrow and precarious, where there were areas lacking the path and you could fall into the cliff , but somehow the Holy Spirit would bring the horse and his rider across with out any explicable answer, just transported the horse and the rider to te next path, so it could reach his destination. Then later Many hours later I was looking at flowers to do a painting and the Lord started to show me a viper.

Later I saw people praying at the wall, then inside the Wall in Israel I saw people walking then running scared. While at the wall that surrounds the city a hole . An attack to the city and the people of the Lord. I saw the ground full of rocks and the chariots riding over the ground and the rocks became smaller until they were like little pebbles and dust, the ground look arid , I saw some houses, a few people planting in clay pots .

I saw many times on the Bible , the prophecies coming alive, in different parts of the Bible the word of God is being fulfilled As a write his presence is so tangible. There is so much darkness coming. I saw an angel coming down and crowning a man sited in a throne , I saw darkness and the ground opening and many people going in, I saw people watching a movie in a theater, and the things in it came from evil . Could not see clearly all that happens, but I know Satan was behind it. There were attacks to people and cities. I saw a protecting wall with a kind of bridge on the top of the wall and the sea waters coming and would go over the bridge from both sides almost like it was in the middle of the sea. I believe more than ever this are the end times, we need to seek God, and know his word . So we don’t be deceived by the enemy. Pray and seek his face get to know the Lord , for He is our hope and salvation. Read Joel 1:1to 2:17 and other prophecies of the Bible and see for yourself how these come to pass. Fast and pray and made intersection for every one, specially your nation and Israel.


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