I was shown

I was shown the darkness and sexual immorality in this word, the shallowness and vanity.

I saw a a clear cascade with beautiful clean water, then this pond where the water was black and if of it a creature like a Devil came out and kept walking, wherever it went that darkness spread. I saw a multitude of people then , their immorality and sexual perverseness, I was shown a hall way, beautiful and opulent, where important man and women gather for celebrations , and a chair that resembled a throne , it seem whoever was sited in the chair , it look like the throne was bigger and higher. Then I was taken to a room full of toys, elaborated beautiful toy s , remind me of marionettes just pretending . Then I saw a group of young women (teens early twenties) been display for their beauty like in a beauty pageant or model runway . And this feeling of shallowness, vanity, and my spirit was sad to see this.

I hope we can reflect on the choices we make, how far we have come from the truth of God and his commandments and what a deplorable world we have created, and what are we teaching our children. Works of loving kindness, humbleness, honesty, purity . What do we think about or ponder, what tv and movies do we watch , do we really are honest and live by example. Are we the cause of the sadness of our Lord?

I hope this touch your heart and ponder in the importance of living a Godly life.

God Bless

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